Sunday, May 1, 2011

Portobello Markets

Hi Anna!

 I love how you wear all these bright cheery colours :) I hope you are having an ok weekend even though you had to work :( Often I forget that you do a lot of serious work because you are such a fun and bubbly person!

If you were here, I suspect you would be engrossed with the Swiss girl in the bunk above me gush forever over the Royal Wedding! Seriously she is the most fanatical person I have met over the wedding! She went out to buy a book about the couple today. How amusing! She also found a transcript of what a lip reader transcribed of the couple when they were on the balcony and read it to anyone that was listening. What else? She bought two rings that are suppose to look like Kate's and she went to visit Westminister Abbey today to breathe in any lingering royalty air AND to take prohibited iphone videos of the inside including Kate's bouquet. She is a lovely person though and definitely has rubbed off a little of the wedding mania onto me.

Today I ended up spending the day in Portebello Markets in Notting Hill with Shaz ( I don't know if you remember her from my farewells? )

Now if I was in a better financial situation I would be torned between living in Notting Hill or right across the road from Hyde Park. I enjoyed strolling through and spent hours looking at all that the little stores and free standing stalls had to offer. This place is HEAVEN for me! It rekindled my love for vintage jewellery amd I ended up spending 5pounds each for these beauties. How could I resist? Obviosuly I am not quite over my addiction to all things sparkly and vintage!


Look at how charming the surrounding residential areas are

This stall was where we lost ourselves to time. Both of us were hunting through all this vintage jewellery and it certainly gave me my rush for the day!

I couldn't stop exclaiming to myself:  " Ah.. if so-and-so was here, they would love this!" I couldn't believe how much variety there was. No wonder Londoners are so trendy. They have an abundant selection of clothing and accessories to choose from. Shaz and I decided that we would save Camden Markets for when she gets back. I can't wait to take anyone else that is interested to these markets with me! I could come here every weekend!

For lunch we shared this delicious seafood paella we bought from the side stalls! It was extremely tasty even if the rice was a little undercooked

We were so blessed with beautiful blue skies today.. How is the weather like in Perth? Tomorrow I will be looking at a prospective place to rent. I hope I don't get lost. I really would like to move into a permanent place so that I can start working. I honestly cannot wait to get back into work!!!

Can you believe that it has been a week since my farewells?

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