Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hampstead Heath

Awww Anna!

We must be on polar opposites. Can you imagine no work yesterday or today for me. I am conjuring all these explanations as to why there could be a lack of need for supply teachers. Is it because it is spring/summer and the warm weather that makes all the teachers want to get out rather than lie in bed?

Yesterday I went for another jog/walk at Hampstead Heath. Apparently somewhere amongst the 790 acres is Kenwood House.

(Pinched this from

This is where part of the movie Notting Hill was filmed. Isn't it just beautiful?  I am yet to find this place.There are myriads of footpaths and trails sprawling through the park that take you to fields of green grass, small hills, city views, bridges and ponds. I've decided that each time I make my way there, I will explore an extra trail so that eventually I know my way around. Following a trial is quite a delightful surprise because at the end of it you don't know what you will stumble upon. In comparison. King's Park has 1000 acres but the wide open spaces makes Hampstead Heath seem huge!

I have no idea where Drew and Vanni would like to go. I guess the possibilities are endless. We could create our own mini pub crawl!

You have been very unfortunate and losing your blogs. Does blogger not automatically save it along as you type? How frustrating! I appreciate you taking the time to re type it :)

I don't  know if it's allergies/lack of sleep/cold but I've been having a rotation of sore throat/running nose/sneezing since I've arrived. I am currently sipping on hot water and the juice of half a lemon!

Not much will be going on today. Probably get a few more things organised including groceries shopping.

Keep powering on Anna!

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