Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trial Day 1


I lost a whole blog entry just then! I wrote it on my train ride in. So now I'm going to try quickly get everything that I wrote down before I start working!

The thing that got me about your blog post was when you said that you wen tout to buy full sized  shampoo and conditioner! Though it is a small thing, its huge in a sense that you are now looking at having more than just a 3 hair wash stay! It means long term baby! =)

I am sad that I won't be able to see any of your house/room pics on this blog. Please send me an email of them??? =D

Drew and Vanni are coming to visit you soon! Your first Perth friends visit! How exciting! I wish I was there sooner!any idea what you are going to do with them for their 'one night only' visit?

Hey, did you end up working yesterday? If so, how was it? How were your kids? How far was it from your place?

OH! I smiled when I read that you walked at 7am. I wish I could wake up early and at my lesuire, have a nice run/walk. Its so invigorating in the morning, and so fresh! It is instant healthy happiness! I like being out in nature too. Running down at the beach near my house is something I miss. Its this feeling of freedom. Freedom from work, commitments everything. It is just you and your footsteps. Ahhh... definitely binge on your walks Chia!

Yesterday was my first day of trial. The morning was a flurry of getting stuff done for counsel - preparing documents to take into the court room; inspecting subpoenaed documents and pursuading the people at the register to get approval from the Registrar to photocopy those documents ASAP (usually it takes a few days for approval, and I needed those documents there and then); then photocopying those documents (I did end up getting the approval!); affirming my affidavit for an application and then getting to court on time.

I had Laura, Kat, Alanna, and Lisa helping me photocopy, bind and just general preparation. Oh golly, it was so stressful that I didn't even have a moment to breathe. There was a moment when I got a phone call from the Judge's associate who told me off for filing some documents late. Saying that the orders made for them to be filed yesterday were there for a reason. I apologised and admitted my mistake for forgetting to file that one file with the other 6 files that I had filed on time. She wasn't too pleased, and though she wasn't nasty about it (she was actually just stern but polite and considerate) it got to me a little. I just breathed it out, and ignored the little pool that had grown in the the corner of eyes. *sigh*

Once in the court room, it settled. I must say, the plaintiff is a character.

Things got interesting as all the people, facts and events that I had been told about through our witnesses, by reading in reports, advices and other documentary evidence, were coming alive. Everything played out as if it were a movie that I was watching for the first time, after reading the book. Facts that I knew, were interpreted differently by the plaintiff (slanted to support her case obviously).

I admit that though it is stressful, it is beginning to get exciting. My sleeping patterns have gone out the window as I wake up multiple times throughout the morning after dreaming about this case, and then I have difficulty relaxing and getting back to sleep. But, despite the lack of sleep, not once throughout the preparation of this trial, have I felt the urge to fall asleep at my desk. It is exciting and interesting. It is just a bit stressful mentally and physically.

I miss the life outside of work. But having a little shake up at work like this, is still quite good. Need balance in every aspect in our lives right? This time was coming sooner or later. I just hope I can still play the first game of superleage which I think is next weekend or the weekend after.

Anyways, need to start work. Talk to you soon!

P.S I like the google theme today!

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