Friday, May 20, 2011

National Gallery round 2

Oh dear Anna! Thank goodness you've managed to clarify the plural of moose for all of us! It was indeed a hilarious post!

PLEASE post how the moose pasta looks like when cooked! I have to say, when I first saw it, I thought they were little angels. The antlers resembling the wings. If I was in Perth, I would definitely make the trip to Ikea and check out this special deal they have. I would certainly TRY to eat a couch worth of food to make up for the fact that I've never had a meal in Ikea. I don't know what the meatballs taste like and I bet I am missing out! I do know how Daim tastes like though.

The agency seems to be keeping tabs on me and calling me to ask questions as if to reassure me that all is good. Well I am going with it until June. That is the busy month they say. So until then, I don't expect to be very busy. I got a call at 830am today though. The lady asked if I could fill in as a nursery teacher. That is ages 3-5 year olds. I don't exactly have a lot of experience with kids that age so I had to turn it down.

Instead I took the day to revisit the National Gallery. I love it here! It is extremely convenient to get here using the tube.

This pic was kindly taken by a stranger and I returned the favour too.

One of my favourite painting that I revisited is by Renoir:
 One of the many reasons why I like this painting is because it was on the wall of a restaurant in Le Grandeur Hotel, Balikpapan, Indonesia. Mary and I would make a weekend out of visiting this place and indulging in the glorious food that we could not get where we lived. I know, I can get rather nostalgic.

In my wildest dreams would I have have imagined being able to see the REAL painting and here it is right here in London! I got so inspired that on the way home, I went to the art shop around the corner and spent a fortune on coloured pencils! Well now I have a guilty conscience to be artistic. Yes you read right, it was 49.95 GBP! And that was supposedly half price!

I lugged pencils and all up to Hampstead Heath and walked for ages deciding what to sketch. I finally found a spot and I kept going until the cold got to me. This is what I've done so far in a time span of about 40 minutes. I dare not show you the real scenery for comparison. I am very reluctant to show unfinished art works so please be easy on your criticism.
Here are some other photos of Hamstead Heath that I promised. You can see some of the scenery I pass when I go for my jog/walks! I hope you think it is beautiful too!
 If you can figure out what the man on the right sitting down is doing let me know. I was too cold to stop and ask. I suspect it is an antenna of some sort and he may be tuning in to alien communication.

Can you believe that tomorrow is Friday already! Well if it is another day of unemployment I will try and rejoice rather than complain and I will go to the National Gallery and do my own sketch of Renoir's Umbrellas!


  1. Chia! Your drawing is beautiful! Omg! It makes me
    miss art! Continue it! Think the pencils are worth it!

    And I love your photo of silhouettes! Maybe the guy sitting down is fishing?

  2. Love the drawing...
    Pencils were well worth the 50 quid you spent!

  3. Thanks guys! I am going to do some more today. Very encouraging :)
    Anna- there was no pond in sight.