Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mini volleyball break

Hey Chia!

I had a look at your facebook photos! Did you take the tour of London Tower? I remember taking it and I loved all the stories they tell! I love that history the lingers, you can almost feel it in the air!

I remember a story about London Bridge and Tower Bridge- that a long time ago when the English were replacing London Bridge, the Americans wanted the old London Bridge thinking that it was the beautiful Tower Bridge. So they ended up being pretty disappointed when they got the parts for London Bridge. I think the American's assumption was fair. Most people think that iconic bridge would be 'the' London Bridge. I know I did at first, before visiting London.

Hey! You think we can try and find the Notting Hill bookstore that Will (Hugh Grant) worked in when he met Anna (Julia Roberts)? I used to like the idea of that movie. Haha. Still a good watch. I want to buy a book from it for novelty sakes.

Yesterday I was able to sneak in a volleyball game! And to my surprise Shin was there! Shin; haven't told you about Shin! Kev and I went shopping in Lululemon a few weeks back because I wanted to buy Kev some shorts for volleyball, and there was Shin, a new 'educator' (sales rep) at the store (new or I had never seen him there before). He asked if we needed help, and we just said we were looking for clothes for volleyball. His eyes lit up and his delighted smile jumped out at us. He said he was from Japan and played volleyball until he hurt his back. We then explained to him that we play indoor beach volleyball, and he was baffled at the idea. 'Only in Australia!' he said.

Anyways, he's tall and I said to Kev, 'omg he would be awesome!' Kev giggled and agreed.

Anyways, I returned later that day (for late night) and he was still there. I talked to him for a bit and asked if he wanted to play. He was like 'sure' and really happy. But then I was like 'hold on a min'  and called up Shaz who I was meeting up with and told her about our possible new recruit. Shaz scooped him out and we discussed who could play on Mondays. After that, it fell into place. Shaz got Shin's number and she organized a new team on Monday nights!

It felt like the Mez night all over again! That refreshing feeling when you meet someone/some people randomly and that meeting lingers longer than just the usual, straight forward, and once off chat.

Last night was the first time I played with Shin because I had missed the last two Monday's due to this trial. But yea. A combination of being freed from work, extremely happy to see Kev, Shaz and Els, and meeting Shin who we randomly met at my all time favorite store, was all was overwhelmingly awesome!

It's made me happy, even now on my way to work for trial day 3.

Sorry no pics. Prob won't get any until after this trial.

Miss yas!

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