Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Lull

Hey Chia!

Wow time has gone by! Already 1 week! Does it still feel like a holiday to you?

Sounds like you are really living it up! Meeting new people and just enjoying the present! Totally envious of you!

Haha! I like the mechanical whale! It's super cute! I've ridden a mechanical bull before, and that hurts your inner thighs, like my skin was raw afterwards. Have you found someone to ride the whale yet?

Oooh! Museums! I love museums! I went to two when I was in London. One was the National Gallery and the other was the Natural History Museum. I wish we had something equivalent in Perth. Our museums here are quite limited.

Yesterday was the last day of trial. Counsel only had to do the closing submissions. I am happy it is over, feel a bit low and worn out after the period of high stress. But it was good. I really did enjoy the experience.

I went walking around the city during lunch time yesterday. The first time in a long time! I went into one of those cheapy jewelry shops and looked at rings. I just wanted something pretty really. Kev had fun choosing some of the most ridiculous items for me to try. Those 'ridiculous' items included- oversized skull ring; a Viking helmet (he suggested I draw eyes and a mouth on my finger so that the helmet would have a face when I put the ring on); those word rings that go over 3 fingers; and other random styles. Eventually, when I had given up hope and started walking out of the store, Kev said 'What about this one?'

Initially, when I heard Kev, I thought it would be another silly ring, but this one was super cute! After all that, Kev could find such a nice one. What a strange guy. He never fails to surprise me.

Oh it's just started raining fort he first time in ages. Have a look:

Approaching Stirling station now. Oh crap! I have no umbrella. Just my shorty rain coat.

Anyways yea, back to the cute ring, I ended up buying it. Kev spotted me $3 for it as I had no cash on hand. It made my day. The managing partner of my firm saw it in the afternoon and sang out 'I love your ring!' =)

Oh yea! Nearly at 1000 hits! I have been watching that counter too!

I wonder when it will tick over to 1000? =)

I hope I can have a low key day today. I had volleyball last night and I have it again tonight and tomorrow night. Superleague starts this Saturday! I hope we do well! I was miss hitting my spikes last night because I had missed a few games over the trial period. So I hope I can get it back soon.

Until next post Chia!

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