Thursday, May 5, 2011

Short bursts of smiles

Hey Chia!

Congrats on finding your accommodation! That fell right into your plans didn't it! How did you find this place? Did you look on the Internet? Paper? Word of mouth?

Are you going to be living with anyone?

After you move in, what are you going to to next?

Your photo of the changing of the guards is so cool! They looked like toy soldiers!

I think it was a lot better that I replied to your entry this morning, rather than last night. Work has been quite stressful, and yesterday I was on the brink of cracking. Working more hours than sleeping, (but then again, who sleeps for 12 hours?) no time to even eat lunch, trying your best to get things done, having them knocked back for improvements, while needing to continue starting other work. It got a bit overwhelming after I spoke to a witness yesterday for almost one and a half hours ending at 4.30ish. I was completely exhausted. (I have been speaking to them all day every day this week). I only had a whisper of a hope that the matter that I'm working on would settle yesterday afternoon. But, it didn't. When I was told, I think that almost strained all composure I had maintained. I felt the tears threaten.

I think it's just the 12 hour days, working on weekends and dealing with people who don't want talk to you, even after relentlessly being encouraging, super polite and nice to them, they still withhold information, lie, hang up on you etc.

But in amongst the crap, there is a underlying feeling of excitement and drive which comes with preparing for trial. To be honest, I feel like I'm improvising each step of the way, hoping it is alright for counsel.

Just when I really ought to have retired, this fellow came in and saved the day:

He came to my office bringing moral support, hugs and a warm Turkish naan-like stick, lathered with tasty garlic sauce. Kev then undertook 'operation candy snatch' by traveling on the train to pick up Hugo from my train station and drive him back to his house so that I wouldn't have to travel so far late at night. Yay for Hugo not having to wait all by himself in a dark train station.

Later when I was done, when Kev picked me up from the closest station. When I got jumped into Hugo I saw this:

Hugo was definitely on the hungry side in the morning. Kev had secretly taken Hugo for a feed! He said that he knew I wouldn't have time to fill up this week. ^__^ thank you Kev!

I then opted to play our 8.15pm volleyball game. Man I was rusty, and a bit slow from being at the computer all week, but it was good to see Els and Chinny and the other volleyball peeps. I admit I was a bit aggro. It was semi finals and I had all the pent up stress, that I was yelling more than usual and yea. Kinda feel bad. I was bossy Chia. Bossy! I am just lucky Kev, Els and Chins are ok with it.

So that's the little bursts of sunshine through the rain in my day.

Of course, there is reading your posts on exploring and happy beginnings! Stay cool chia! Miss ya!

P.s on the topic of new beginnings, look what I found on Phyllis after weeks of no activity:

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