Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quirky tales

 Hi Anna!

Currently I am reading this book.

 It is an absurd and outrageous book and I've discovered that it cannot be read while eating as food falls through my mouth in my constant state of disbelief.

Thumbs up for batty characters that:
- make domestic disputes comical with a fondue pot.
- eat doggy kibble like popcorn.
- bible dip (If you are undecided about something, you flip through the bible and whatever word your finger lands on, is the answer).

Sometimes characters in books are inspirational. But I'm only willing to try the last one. Actually, I don't have a fondue pot in hand, and I've tried cat kibble before :)

Now remember my uncle from Perth that I bumped into? Well you would NEVER guess but I bumped into him AGAIN but this time in a different area on the streets of London! The first time was in the markets south, and today was when I was walking down the streets back to Notting Hill gate in the west side. Upon hearing this I bet my parents will go out and buy a lottery ticket. How bizarre! One would think my parents have set him up to check up on me.

Anyway on this same street, I saw an old man with a walking cane hobbling with an overweight Jack Russell cruising on his shoulder. I don't know if the cane was to help him balance the dog, or the dog was the reason for the cane and his hobbling.

I shouldn't read the newspaper as it distracts me from getting onto the correct train and taking me to places where walls are covered with graffiti and derelict buildings and not a person in sight.

I was tickled pink when a gentleman working at the supermarket blessed me when I sneezed past him as I was reaching for a basket. I've become accustomed to people not paying attention and locked in their own little invisible bubble and it surprises me when my sneeze gets a reaction. Haha!

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