Tuesday, May 3, 2011

12 Hour Day

Augh! Finally, on the train home now. My Achievement is getting a notice on my billing timer that I had almost reached maximum limit to bill. Haha!

Had such a full on day at work. A mini bomb exploded in my head around 9 this morning, when I realized that I may not be able to finish all that had been ordered by the court to be filed tomorrow.

When I viewed your post at about 5pm, it was such a happy reminder of my life outside my office. It really is grounding. Omg! That Prince William and Kate Middleton pizza looks so fun! Haha! I agree, it is probably not the tastiest, but hey! No one else will get the chance to eat it! =D

Omg! Those places look so quaint and pretty! Are there any real contenders yet?

Your night out to watch the bands sounds so cool! It sounds like your first Londoner outing in a way! Like in Notting Hill, watching local bands etc.

I like the way you see things! I too look at dress and mannerisms when overseas! It's a subtle thing, but it does tell you who is a local and who is not. Dress sense, though is similar, is still distinct. What you think of the rolled up pant? Actually, one of the very few guys that I work with, walks around the office with one side of his pants rolled up one fold for some reason. He's English too. Hrm...

This post may be slightly boring as I just stayed at work all day. But, one of the happier parts of it was when I was discussing proofs of evidence with some witnesses. These ones were the more helpful ones, and it's just nice to be able to talk to people who are helpful, and actually get into the whole process.

I think that's probably the highlight of my day. In my office at 7.30pm talking to a witness and hearing their story and getting it down on paper =p

Photo. Ummmmm. It's only a little over a week old, but it still makes me happy when I look at it!

Miss ya!

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