Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An eventful day


I miss you! I love that pic too! Actually I love all the pics from my farewells! Every single one makes me laugh/smile! Good times :) But that particular photo of us I always will laugh about it because it reminds us of something BAD! Oh dear :P Remember how itchy the wig was when we were wearing it? That made dinner a little difficult to get through LOL!! That reminds me, have you picked up the blonde wig yet? I want to hear all about the dress up night with El. It will make me wish I was there too!

Wouldn't it be nice if the world was filled with happy cooperative people like yourself and I? I hope that you come across more of these types :P It makes me wonder what I will blog about when I start working.

I don't really mind the whole pants rolled up thing. So far all the gents have been able to pull it off somehow. I keep looking at people's shoes because of the time spent sitting in the tube. Today a gentleman wore the nicest pair of tanned oxford flats but he wore them without socks. He sure pulled it off though.

Right now I have a bit less than an hour to kill. I am sitting in a cafe in Hampstead High Street waiting to check out a room for rent in a flat above the cafe. This area is absolutely beautiful too! If this room works out well, I will be walking past boutique stores every day from work to get home. I might have to somehow acquire tunnel vision too if I end up here.

I had a fantastic day today. I decided to take a break from room hunting on the internet and accompany one of the dorm girls. She's from HK and pretty much has been staying in the same dorm as me for the last few nights. It was a fantastic day because of two things:
1. I had someone to take pics for me!
2. I had someone to share and reflect with.

This is a list of things we did today :)

We saw changing of the guards in Buckingham Palace.
We froze to death from the wind doing this.
We had hot chocolate in a park that we thought was St James Park.
We found our direction again and went for a walk through St James Park and admired the variety of bird life and spotted the London Eye in the distance.
We took pics inside a telephone booth.
We took photos by Big Ben.
We walked over Westminister Bridge.
We saw the London Eye up close.
We walked to Imperial War Museum.
Then we went our separate ways.

I wasn't in the mood to go through a museum.
I walked back towards the embankment.
I was enthralled by the beauty of the Palace of Westminister from across the Thames River.
I got lost finding Charing Cross Underground.
I found myself in Trafalgar Square and National Gallery
I people watched while I ate my Moroccan chicken and cous cous salad that was only 2.30 GBP.
I walked to Leicester Square.
I caught the tube to Hampstead.
I am now going through my photos of the day and thinking it is great to be here!!!

Of course we took lots of pics so I won't post too many pics here. These are my favourites and the rest you can check them out on FB.

Take care! Sending lots of hugs :)

UPDATE: I PAID FOR THE DEPOSIT FOR THE ROOM IN HAMPSTEAD!!! I am ECSTATIC! I am moving in on Sunday morning! I hope it all works out!! It really is too good to be true because it is in such a beautiful area! Can't wait to take pics for you and show you all the shops you could explore literally in the street downstairs of the flat. There are stores like Body Shop, GAP, Hobbs, as well as other English brands I've never heard of. Bless my lucky angel!


  1. MC,

    Yay! I'm happy that you found a place to stay and that they accepted you on the spot! Post some photos of the place when you move in!

    Now that you've found a place, you can start looking for a job instead of being a bum.


    (Yay, first post!)

  2. Nooo, second comment! Sounds like a really fun day, and HOW EXCITEMENT is moving into your new place?? Good to know that you have shops at your door step...;)