Sunday, May 1, 2011

Impromptu date

Hi Chia!

Haha! I read the first paragraph about the Swiss girl in your hostel who was a fanatic. I don't think I'd go out and buy a book about Prince William and Kate, but I scoffed at when you said she went to Westminster Abbey to breathe in any lingering royalty air and take the 'prohibited' iPhone photos. I, will happily be the first to admit, that attempting to capture any residual Prince William and Kate 'essence' is right down my alley. That is, if I was a tourist there, with nothing to do. I would have definitely made you come with me and happily watch you roll your eyes at me and say "Oh, my god Aaannaa..." The lip reading thing is pretty interesting too. But yea, I agree, she is quite fanatical. (Who would try to lip read? Like really? =P) She sounds like good fun! Have you thought about hanging out with her?

Your trip to the markets has made my fingers itchy! Please take me there when I come visit! I want to get some nice rings (as I had mentioned before) and some cool earrings/necklaces. I haven't really gotten into the brooches yet, but the more cardigans I get, the more I ought to really start trying them out. I like the black bows! Is that a necklace?

You look so cute in all your photos! And, so super happy! P.S I love your boots! How is your friend Shaz? Has she found a place to live yet? Oooo Notting Hill! How cool would that be! Ok, so if Notting Hill or across from Hyde Park are your "ideal places," what are your options for the more "realistic places" to live?

Oh! Before I forget. Random side note- you know how I sent you that sms last night about my camera memory card? Don't worry about it! I found it hiding in my laptop! *fewf!*

Last night Kev and I went to have dinner at Ishka, the restaurant at The Breakwater at Hillarys Boat Harbour, before we went to our mutual friends' going away party. (When I say mutual friends, I mean that one of Kev's high school friends, is dating a high school friend of mine and so now both of our respective high school groups of friends have merged into one group!)

Anyways, we had intended for just a quick meal at Ishka. But surprisingly, the ambiance, lighting, good service and very tasty food turned it into a full blown, special, dinner date. It was really good. Trendy and vibrant while being quite romantic, as well as being family friendly; even 'man-date' friendly! (Yes, we saw two guys eating a nice dinner there, with two pints of beer.) It is such an underrated restaurant! The dessert was so yummo!

Eaton Mess - Strawberries, strawberry coulis, crushed meringe, vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream in a peppered tuille, & strawberry crisp.
This was definitely a impromptu date that I think Kev and I really needed.

Afterwards, at our friends' going away party, I had such a great mini high school reunion! People have grown up! Its amazing! Funnily enough, one of my friends (Stephen) said that I don't look a day older than the last day of high school. Haha! It was quite an interesting mix, as Kev was happily catching up with his high school friends, who he has not seen in a while, and I was catching up with mine.

Stephen mentioned that a girl in our year is planning our 10 year high school reunion for next year. Chia, can you believe it? It is only one year from our 10 year reunion. I remember in high school watching Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and thinking at the time, damn, they are old! People have family and kids whereas Romy and Michelle were still not grown up etc. Now look at us. Aaaaaah!

Anywho, it was really nice, unexpected night out!

Hope to have nice nights out with you when I come to London Chia! =)

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