Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey Cutie!!!

Oh dear Anna!

I am sorry for my late post! I have been without internet for the last couple of days and add to that recovering from my pub crawl and relocating to my new place TODAY! Currently I am blogging in my bed :)

Here are some photos of the pub crawl that I went on Friday. Highly recommend these to anyone. Only thing was this time I did not make it to the 5th stop to Ministry of Sound because one of the dorm girls was terribly ill and I had to take her back to the hostel. It has been a while since I had to look after anyone in such a drunken state, and I have to tell you that I'm not very good at it.

This is a photo of Nichole (the one I had to take home!) and I pre pub crawl. This was taken in the common room of the hostel. She is also the one that took the photos at the changing of the guard and the other photos that day. Can you believe that she is 18?

I am missing this place already! Serious hostel withdrawal. God forbid if my new place doesn't work out well, I would definitely go back and stay in this hostel. Also, the staff were extra good looking too so that's extra brownie points. You can see there is a hammock and even a table tennis! I recall a spontaneous night of table tennis with yours truly representing China and badly defeated by a Brazilian girl and a Nigerian guy. Too shameful to even repeat the scores.

I really didn't think I would meet that many Aussies but proof that London is full of them! This is just a few of them and they are all from different parts of Australia minus Jarod to the right of me. He is a fellow teacher from Perth that I mentioned before that was a friend of a friend :)

Another Aussie guy Tyson organised a bunch of us staying at the same hostel and to go together for the pub crawl. A few others were not from Australia. I have given them the link of the blog, but no idea if they will check it. If they are reading this, I hope they leave a comment.

Would never thought I would feel this way, but I am eagerly looking forward to the next time I stay in a hostel.

I vaguely recall some parts of the night in the 3rd (Verve) and 4th (Oxygen) place we went to. As expected when people and alcohol are involved, there are things that happened that shouldn't be mentioned again. I love the party scene in London. However rest assured concerned readers, it won't be happening on a regular occasion.

Migs was a total sweetheart and helped me move my stuff this morning. Pretty much just like a donkey! Seriously, I would have to do the trips in two to get here with all the stuff I got since I first arrived. It's actually not that much but as you know once you unpack, you can never put everything back in again as well as you could the first time.

My new housemates are lovely. I love how the place is kept neat and tidy. My room is small but I love how it faces out towards the street. You can see the GAP store sign a few metres away! I forgot to tell you that Body Shop is right downstairs. It really is a dramatic sea change from living in East Kalimantan. It blows me away every time I think about my time there and how it compares to the experiences here. It feels like I never was there because those 2 years went by so quickly! Yet there will be little reminders of Indonesia during my days. Like late in the evening when I ducked down to the local Tesco (which is sort of like a Woolies) and stocked up my first batch of groceries, a flashing moment of shopping and foraging for things at the commissary with Mary came to mind. It really made me smile :)

I spent the day looking for a pair of joggers. I ended up not only accomplishing that, but also with some other shopping. Terrible I know. Oxford Street is HEAVEN! Allow me to say this over and over again in my posts. To be deprived of shopping for all these years have made me very susceptible to window displays.

I promise tomorrow I will take a photo of the street that I live on. I will also wear my joggers to this big park called Hampstead Heath in the morning and bring a camera. If I am clever and lucky, I may even find something to hold my camera while I do a self timer. I am looking forward to sweating it out, but I hope I don't catch the cold.

I do feel a little guilty to be having this much fun when you are working so hard away :( 15.1 HOURS? I know you need to work hard on this, but I sure hope you are looking after yourself. Good thing you have a lovely secretary too! It really is the little things that can make a huge difference and she obviously knows it :) I am sure that the need to express your gratitude overrides any office boundaries. Heads up Anna! Or should I join Shaz say "add oil" ? Are you sure Kev is just a hero? He is starting to sound like Santa Claus because he seems to come bearing with gifts when he visits you. Now.... *insert his last name* What sort of dumplings were they? What comes to mind are those "jiao zhi"  things. This talk of Chinese food is making me crave mum's cooking. Which reminds me that it is Mother's Day today! I think it is celebrated on a different day here.

We need to create a counter til we meet again! Or will that drag it out the days more?

Here's to a brand new week of perhaps a little less stressed and busy Anna :) MUAH!

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