Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Groceries and a goldfish

YAY a mini celebration hip hip hooray for reaching over 1000, even if the 1000th click was by you! Well it might as well be your honour to hit it!

I am absolutely stuffed! Just had a lovely dinner with Shaz down the road from my place. We had two large woodfired pizzas and a bottle of mixed fruit cider each. We must've been hungry because we polished it all up. Will have to get the photos off Shaz and put them up in my next blog.

No work again today. A lady from the agency called to check up on me and I expressed my concerns about work. Again, same old story that it is a quiet month with all the public holidays and that it should pick up soon. I am waiting for this card to be used!

My fat fingers are there to cover the agency in case you are wondering.

To answer your question, yes every day does feel like a holiday. I am a lady of leisure not by choice! I am getting good at being productive as the day passes. I went grocery shopping at Tesco Express which is a 2 minutes walk away. It is the equivalent to a mini IGA.

I thought my posts were lacking pics of me so I had to open the door of the main building and pop the camera on the mailbox table and quickly do a timer shot before anyone else walked in. Ta da! I only managed one shot so forgive me if I am looking disheveled here.
I don't know if you are interestd in what I bought today. What's in the bags:

Half junk and half healthy stuff. I intend to cook cous cous and chicken tomorrow or the day after.

I've only been here a week plus and guess which section of the cupboard is mines? I don't know how other people can have empty cupboards. I guess I like to cook and take great pleasure in seeing a stocked cupboard. Imagine how it would look in a month. The fridge is less exciting. I have to share a tiny shelf in something that is more of a bar fridge.

Since you posted a jewellery purchase. Let me share with you mines from a few days ago.
When I saw it I HAD to have it. My parents would never let me have a pet growing up. Fish was the easiest option and I have the fondest memories of getting my first two pet goldfishes Nemo and Smoogie. They were seriously my dear life and I believe I actually CRIED when they died (and this was when I was 20 I believe! I get attached to everything and anything too easily)  Every time I pick up this necklace it makes me smile and Ithink about them. I know some people think fish are slimy and gross, but this one is so adorable!  Look at it's mouth! It's as if it's trying to tell you something.I am yet to wear it. But I know when I do, I know I won't stop smiling. I love wearing and seeing things that do that to you.

Time for bed! MUAH! Enjoy your week of volleyballing!

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