Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glass is full

Glass is overflowing with Sweep

Poor Sweep. I like looking at Sweep who lives in a beer glass in Kev's room, because he is always re-arranged into a different position. This one was one of my favorites and I had to take a photo.

Looking at this photo of Sweep really explains the kind of day that I was having yesterday. Everything was going wrong on all fronts. It really sucked. But to spare the details on the bad stuff, let's just associate any sad stuff with Sweep's cute but just as unhappy, expression. Haha it makes me laugh. Its like Sweep is crying out 'Noooooooooo!' as he's been overwhelmed by beer. Tee hee hee. Yes! More points for happiness.

Anywho, there was this awesome thing that I saw during lunch yesterday. Walking through Hay street mall, I approached a crowd of people that happened to be a flash mob. There was loud music, and a huge group of happy people who looked random, but were all dancing synchronized.

They ended up being dancers for MS, who were spreading awareness and collecting donations. It was a pretty cool thing. There was a crowd surrounding the mob, taking photos and cheering, policemen were watching from a distance, and even three of the employees from Borders came out to see.

Other good things to note for the day - I finally finished my draft submissions for a special appointment at the district court; Kev fed me burning mini apple triangle pastry with freezing cold icecream, which confused the sensations in my mouth, and resulted in burns either from the heat or the cold, but nevertheless it was yummy; and finally, coming home and sleeping. I miss being at home. I am waiting for a weekend when I can just stay at home. Haha.

I like your idea for speed friends! Just think! You may meet someone just like you! Working holiday, new, and super fun! Not at all a freak... *crickets*- awkward.

You got to give us the low down on how it goes! Any keepers, any characters, and any slightly strange ones! Ah! The endless possibilities! Have fun and good luck!

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