Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Ikea rocks

Yum! Your pizza looks so yummy! Ooh and mixed berry cider? I wonder how that tastes? I have only had apple cider and, the cider that is similar to beer?

Oh! I have to tell you about my experience at my last trip to Ikea!

Ikea had this deal where you 'eat your couch worth,' where if you eat at the Ikea food court, then the amount you pay for your meal, is deducted from any purchase from the store. 

Kev had breakfast which was only $3.50 for a plate of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, baked beans, a hash brown and a grilled tomato. It was quite substantial! Beats McDonalds any day! Actually, previously we went to Ikea on a Saturday, and the same breakfast was available, but was only $1.95 if you got to Ikea before 9.00am!

What an awesome deal right? So Kev ordered the breakfast and let me have a nibble off his plate. I then decided that I would like to try out the Swedish meatballs, but unfortunately, we had to wait till breakfast was over. So we decided to have a look around. Kev wanted to get a lamp for his bedroom, and I was looking for little storage boxes for all my jewelry that I've started to accumulate.

So, half way though our browse, we returned to the food court and ate some meatballs and chips for about $6.95. Hrmm, the Swedish meatballs were tasty.

We soon returned to our hunt, and eventually, Kev found a cute lamp, which was solar powered! No cords baby! And totally eco-friendly. An old lady was standing at the stand with the lamps and she pretty much sold us the product. She was saying how the lamp was really good (when it worked- she had returned one because it wasn't working properly) but she said people had used them for camping because it's solar powered and they were very bright! Kev chose the lamp in his favorite colour:

A Green 'Sunnan' lamp
Its pretty cool. It needs approximately 9-12 hours of recharge time in the sun, and approximately 12 hours if it is a cloudy day. You can remove the solar panel (the black square) and place it on your window sill. It is supposed to last for up to 3 hours!

You can find more info on the Sunnan Lamp here.

Now having a think about it, I am considering of getting a yellow one for my room too! It would be mighty handy when the power cuts out.

Anyways, Kev ended up paying only $23 for the Sunnan Lamp as $6.95 was deducted from the total price; all thanks to the yummy Swedish meatballs! How neato is that!

I ended up getting a peeler and some measuring cups, and used the $3.50 from the Ikea breakfast to cover the costs. I only ended up paying 40 cents!

Ikea kitchen utensils are cute and colourful

After going through the checkout and being very proud of ourselves, I slowly edged Kev to the Swedish food section when I almost passed this:

Ikea pasta? Pasta-Algar?
It caught my attention because it wasn't the normal shaped pasta.

Tiny moose, or meese!
When I picked it up and looked closer, I shrieked at Kev 'Oh my god! They are tiny mooses!' Kev chuckled, had a look at it, and then corrected me 'Meese, tiny meese.' It made my day, I had to buy them! Just looking at the tiny antlers, eyes and nose really makes me smile. It's super cute and such good fun! If I had a kid, and was having trouble getting them to eat, I'd buy this!

I think this was the coolest purchase... Can't wait to cook my meese!

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