Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All I want to do is cook!

Hi Anna!

Glad you haven't been posting any food pics! Otherwise I'd be feeling so hungry right now! The mud photo is hilarious! You all look quite relaxed though. Now why is Chinnie sitting in the front with the girls....? Looking lovely in the night out too! No wonder the photographer was lingering around :P

I've been hit with cooking mania and tonight rather than looking up some worksheets for the class tomorrow (I've had a pre-booking which means that I know which school and class I'll have) I'm searching on my favourite website for recipes!

Today I made these brownies that turned out more of a cake texture (have to stop making it a habit of all my baked goods ending up like a cake texture when it shouldn't be!) because I left it in the oven a touch longer than required. Nevertheless they were DELICIOUS! Best thing is that it took less than 20 mins to prepare and bake.
The icing was incredible! You could get a tooth decay/ heart attack just by looking at it! I had to crop the picture as the container it was in had smudges of chocolate icing all over.
I think I shall host a picnic in Hampstead Heath next weekend if the weather permits and prepare some tasty finger food! I'm thinking sushi, samosas, pies, brownies and more! Oh and since you're in Vietnam it reminded me of fresh Vietnamese spring rolls! I'll have to make these soon except a trip to Chinatown will be required to source the ingredients. How I wish I had all my girl friends back home to come along!!! :( :( :(

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Heya Chia!

I love your brooches! They are so cool!!! And omg! You are so adorable in your photo! It looks like it's slowly heating up!

I am currently at a micro brewery in Nga-Trang called 'Louisiane'.

It's really hot, and humid. We are just relaxing on beer and finger food. Everything in Vietnam is so cheap! I've eaten so much yummy food, that I have most definitely gained weight!

We have been in Nha-Trang for 2 days, and return to Ho Chi Minh city tomorrow morning.

But, today, we have spent our time at a mud bath. It was super nice!!! My skin feels fantastic. But at first, I was a bit hesitant, thinking it may be a bit unhygienic etc. But Vietnam has consistently surprised me with it's cleanliness.

We had two baths next to each other, so the boys got into one and the girls in the other. For the photo, we squished together.

Oooh! By the way, remember I posted About having a big night out? At the club, there was a photographer, and photos have gone up! I realized that he really loved us because we were the only group that did anything. Haha!

Anyways leaving the brewery, so no more wifi! Seeyaaas!

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Spitalfield Market

Hi Anna!

Monday again and they sure come around quickly! Hope you are enjoying Vietnam. Nice pic with the girls! I didn't realise that there would be so many people going along.

On Sunday I went for a walk that lasted about 4 hours in Spitalfield and the market areas around there. I've been here before but wanted to take my time and explore more of the shops. There is a mixture of vintage stores to out coming designers selling their items and the areas is definitely edgier and not as 'leafy' as other parts of London I've been to. This is me and some of the sights during the day!

It was a warm sunny day and the cardi had to come off. I was surprised that I managed a singlet tan too. Wearing my goldfish necklace for the first time :)

Plenty of graffiti to be seen
Outdoor flea market where I felt slightly out of place.
I had a plain bagel here for 25p! This place is also mentioned in the Lonely Planet.
How interesting! An outdoor barber shop
Laden Showroom: A boutique like store selling clothes made by small individual designers in London.  Love the prints on these dresses especially the polka dots! Will have to re visit when I have $$$!
I spent ages deciding which brooch to get.  I love how they are unique and handmade here in London!
Finally decided on these two white perspex brooches! How cute are they?!

And of course I spent too much time exploring the markets and didn't end up going to Regent's Park to read my book like I  intended. I did spend a lot of time looking for a book called Love Life by Ray Kluun that was highly recommended to me by an internet friend but I couldn't find a secondhand copy of it. I discovered that there was an amazing secondhand bookshop down the road but it sold old books rather than recent ones.

Oh and of course the social on Friday night was an interesting one. I don't think I will keep in touch with any of them although we had a good time dancing. One guy in particular became a bit of a nuisance towards the end of the night. He did everything a guy shouldn't do including pairing his suit with white athletic socks with  his supposedly designer black dress shoes. Cringe. Regardless of that I am glad I went and got out of my comfort zone. I called it a night at 11.30pm because I wanted to catch the last tube home.

Anyway, this week will be interesting! Will post more about it! Time for a shower and bed :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ho Chi Minh

Hey Chia!

I had written a whole post, but it disappeared.

Ho Chi Minh is awesome! Omg the food is awesome! And the shopping! Holy moly! Like it's really good. I've gotten some skincare products which are cheaper by more than half the Australian price, I've gotten a sweet like dress and some hair accessories! I don't have any photos of them on my iPhone, but I'll post on Facebook.

Besides shopping, we have gone for a massage and watched Kung Fu Panda 2! Its a really good movie! And I wish I saw this movie when I was younger as it deals with adoption issues in a cute way!

Afterwards, we went to eat ban mi and the group spilt up. Amy, Suey, Jason and I went to the hotel to use the toilet, while the others ordered our ban mi and were to meet us there. Unfortunately, we got a little lost, but it was fun being able to explore and find out where we were. The other group ended up beating us back to the hotel.

We then had a huge night out. Thien got us entry at an exclusive club and booked us a booth. It was sooo good! The music was the stuff that we listen to on the radio, and the drinks were cheap! He also paid a bouncer to look after us!!

Anyways, this is a bit rushed, but we are leaving soon to eat breakfast!

Post to you soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy travels


I have no idea what your flight plans or your itinerary is like but I assume that you are in Vietnam by the time you read this. I can't wait to hear  from you if you have time. I am sure you will have plenty to do so please don't feel like you have to do any updates while you are on holidays :)

Tonight I am ending a full week of work with drinks that I mentioned in my last post. I had a fantastic week at 4 different schools and today I was a music teacher. I was definitely not expecting this and only found out when I showed up in the morning, but hey, I am flexible! It was a great chance to brush up on my music skills too! I taught Year 5s recorder and that was OK about from a few recorders short and some kids trying to annoy me by blasting their recorder or blowing into it when I was talking. I also taught Year 2s music and we listened to Rossini's The Storm and they made their own version using what they could find in the classroom such as pencil jars/ marbles/ paper to create sounds of a storm. We were suppose to have actual musical instruments in the classroom (there isn't a music room)  but again unexpectedly we didn't so that called for some quick thinking on my part!

Nice and short but more to write on the weekend! It will be a maximum of 28C I believe on SUNDAY! WOHOOO! I don't know what my plans are but I will definitely be outdoors! Have a super weekend everyone and happy travels my dear Anna!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Quick quick

We are seated!


Ps see ya Scott. Good luck in the US! Thanks for coming to the airport!

Perth international airport


I am at the airport now, scoffing down food before our flight.

Crap. Need to board.

Will try to keep you posted!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last day at work before trip


Thanks for the update! I am not sure how much exploring I'll get done in Vietnam, as we are only there for about six days. Three of them, I'll be in Nha-Trang, which is supposed to be this beautiful beach city. Hopefully I'll get some diving done! I've had a look at the dive sites there, and they say it has beautiful coral and nudi branches. But the fish, well there isn't any! Thien may have been joking when he said this, but he said 'all of the Vietnamese have eaten them' Lol.

I am surprisingly not so excited yet. I still have all of today to try and finish my work and to hand over the tasks I couldn't do.

Also, this will be the last night I get to see Scott. He was away from Monday and returned yesterday from Margaret River, so yea. I am in two minds at the moment. Kev is super excited.

I am just planning to eat in Vietnam really. (Thank you for the bag again!) I will save the shopping for Hong Kong. Apparently, we are going during the hottest time, and Thien, who has been planning our trip, decided that he wouldn't take us to the tunnels that the Vietnamese used in the war. I really wanted to do it! But I trust Thien's judgement when he says that the tunnels are tiny, and tue weather will make it worse.

Anyways, I've barely started packing! Though, I have written a list of what to pack! So hopefully I don't forget anything!

Hopefully I'll have Internet access while I am in Vietnam and Hong Kong so I can keep you posted!!!

Short update

Hi Anna!

Wow! Lucky you off soon on Friday! I miss Vietnam and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The food is AMAZING and CHEAP!!! Every meal was exceptional from pho and fresh spring rolls from street vendors to  western meals in restaurants. I didn't find anything in particular to buy, except for those beautiful woven bags (like the one I got for you!)  made by the Hill Tribes. I can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back to compare notes. I would love to go back one day  to the Mekong Delta and Sapa, both which I didn't get the chance to do. Oh and also a revisit to Halong Bay. Jumping from the junk into the water with other tourists  was a highlight for me!

Tomorrow will be a record for me as it will be 4 consecutive working days. On Friday night I'm going to attend a social consisting of drinks and dancing in Soho that is arranged by the networking site that I've signed up with. I'm going solo but I think I will have a good time since drinks and dancing are involved. If I can do speed friends and have fun, then this will be cinch and I can always lose myself amongst the crowd and escape if the need arises! I have also arranged to meet up with a couple of girls from the site on the weekend. Hopefully there are some friends to be made! I am looking forward to the weekend already and some photos to blog up.

Happy packing Anna!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morning post


I love your list!! I Also miss one on one catch ups. There is something about a group that makes it hard to talk about true 'how are you'. I know that once there is more than two, I turn on my general conversations so that everyone is involved. I just find it rude and well, I feel bad leaving the third clueless. But that's just me =P

For your curiosity as to what is in my car:

My messy trunk

My trunk always consists of- my snorkel, mask and fins (my diving shoes are at Kev's); my pumps, thongs, and my pink crumpler bag which usually has either my volleyball gear (general sport gear). For a while, I had a bag of the books you gave me back in there, and a bag with my swimming gear too. But since it's winter, I took out the swimming gear, and I also took your books out.

At the moment, I'm on the train. It feels like it's been a while since I've blogged on the train!

Your solo time sounds great hey. I don't think I've ever been alone for such a prolonged time, to know if I like my own company!

Oh yes! See Wicked! Let me know what you think! I'm still thinking of what musical I would like to see in London. Perhaps when you see Wicked, you may see some posters or some promotions of one! I'll have a look on the Internet to see what will be showing in August/September.

At the moment, I am slowly getting ready for Vietnam and Hong Kong. It really has snuck up on me. I've made a shopping list of things I want, and hopefully, tonight after volleyball, I'll pack. I'm thinking summer clothes!

P.S I just got into work and I LOVE google's theme today:

So cute!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You've made me...

1. Crave for Chinese food and karoake even if I can't sing and don't like karaoke.

2. Want to watch Wicked. Maybe next week? Absolutely spoilt here and very easy to get tickets to a huge range of musicals! We shall go to one when you get here!

3. Want to wear flippers while ordering Maccas. Although I might trip over and land face flat on my Mcburger. Do you always keep a pair of flippers in your car? Makes me wonder what else you keep in your car?

4. Miss having a big bunch of familiar friends to go out with or having friends bump into you while you are out.

5. Contradicting 4., miss spending girly nights with you or one on one catch ups with friends.

6. Wish I had somebody to buy green sparkly things for me. For now, I can cope with looking at sparkly things.

Friday night I had a delicious dinner with Jarod. It was drizzling and plenty of fun dodging everyone's umbrellas on the pathways while we were trying to find a restaurant. There is always plenty to talk about especially teaching. I really need more teaching friends here! We headed out to a club and danced the night away. It was an interesting night and you can probably guessed that from my FB photos.
Seafood jambalaya!

On Sunday morning I flipped open the Lonely Planet, Googled and picked 2 destinations  and off I went: London Bridge and The Monument. I ended up going up to Leadenhall Market, down Fleet Street and past St Paul's Cathedral right through the city to Leicester Square. It was an adventurous and rewarding day exploring alone. I've done way too many things by myself now to the point that sometimes I get sick of my own company, but  that day was one of my 'better days' and I didn't mind spending it solo. If anyone saw a person munching on snow peas and carrots balancing a map in hand that would be me! (Yes I am starting to pack my own lunches when exploring! Ruck sack and binoculars may follow soon) I spent about 4 hours walking and I think I am going to continue my walking adventures again this weekend. I should do it 'bible dip' style and close my eyes and point on a map or something. Yay or nay? Might end up somewhere I shouldn't be...

London Bridge behind me
The Monument. Climbed up 311 spiraling steps!
View from the top. Can you spot Tower Bridge?
Time for bed! It's 1100pm here. I need to get more sleep! Still finding it strange how you will be waking up soon! So GOOD MORNING to you and Perth! Oh I miss Perth!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Festivities

Hey Chia!

Soooooo, besides my 'Wicked' weekend, I also had two birthday celebrations!

Happy birthday Clem!
After work on Friday night, Kev and I made our way to Northbridge to meet up with Clem, Jing, Terry, Shaz and Els for dinner at Hawkers. Unfortunately, it was packed out; but we ended up eating at the Chinese Restaurant where 'Update City' used to be. I forgot the name to be honest, but I've been there a few times before and the food is actually quite good!

So we ended up ordering the drunken chicken, which ended up being a steamboat like dish, and it was super delicious and felt really healthy. We were quite pleased. After that dish was finished, we had Shanghai dumplings, scallops, sweet and sour pork, beef brisket, and a mushroom and steamed vegetables dish. They were all so very nice! Sadly Terry being such a hard worker, missed out on the drunken chicken, and came to dinner later on, once he had finished work.

Funnily enough, before dinner, Kev, Clem, Jing and I were waiting for the others outside the restaurant when I asked "hey... would you guys be up for ktv?' Clem and Jing's eye lit up and they just smiled at each other in a private acknowledgement. "Yea?!" they said. Clem then explained that Jing and him had discussed it earlier! Kev promptly made a call and got us a booking for 10pm. We didn't waste any time after dinner, and went straight to Utopia, getting the room at around 9.30pm!

Terry, Clem, Els, Shaz, Jing and Kev

We stayed there for 5 hours! It has been such a long time since I've had the chance to belt out songs! And it was such a good and happy time! Happy birthday Clem!

Lauren and Ben's joint birthday shindig
On Saturday night, Lauren and Ben had their birthday festivities at Al Fornetto for dinner and then at Burswood Casino for drinks. We know Lauren and Ben from Volleyball. Lauren is in my superleague team, is an umpire at the volleyball centre and is Ben's girlfriend. Ben's, (Awesome Ben) family owns the volleyball centre and he helps run/organise the games and also plays in superleague. It was such a good night, like it went by super fast, and the next thing I knew it, we were at McDonalds and then I was falling asleep on the drive home.

So 'Asian!'

The girls went to Minq to get some drinks, whereas the boys went to the casino to gamble. Kev hung out with us because I think he preferred the drinking =) The line for the bar was so damn long, that we decided to buy two drinks each just to avoid the wait. But it didn't stop us from having fun!

There was one section of the night when Shaz and I were left to mind the fort while the rest go drinks. As we were talking these two guys attempted to take two of our seats. We were like "noooo, we have friends getting drinks." They then asked if they could sit with us until our friends returned. So we ended up having some interesting conversation (yet I cannot remember specifics). I thought that they were both Italian, because the guy that was talking to me started talking about Italian spririts and for some reason I started talking about Greek spirits (Ouzo!). Later on Shaz said that the guy she was talking to wasn't Italian... but was... something... else.. I can't remember. But heck, they were polite and nice, and left without a fuss when the others returned.

After a while, Awesome Ben, his brother Jake and cousin Rob called Lauren, and wanted to meet up with us. Unfortunately, Ben wasn't allowed into Minq because of his shirt (or shoes) so we all decided to leave to meet up with them. We ended up at a bar in the Casino... I forgot what the name was, but we pretty much chilled there for the rest of the night.

Lauren, Els and I with more Asian poses

Even the boys were turning Asian (Rob, Jake, Ben and Kev)

Soon after, we all went to McDonalds which turned out to be pretty fun too. Lauren's feet were hurting from her new heels that Ben had bought her, and so I offered her my flippers as footwear. SHE ACCEPTED! What a legend! She's such a great sport!

Lauren totally rocking those flippers

 Such a fashionista!
Ordering McDonalds

Awesome Ben loving the flippers
McDonalds was exactly what we all needed though. I know that I was starting to feel the negative effects of a bit too many cocktails. So much so, that Shaz found a Ben look alike, and grabbed my camera off me to get some hard evidence.

Me pretending to pose for a photo, to catch Awesome Ben's double.
 It was such an eventful weekend! Happy birthday Lauren and Ben! Happy birthday to you too Clem!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Ah Chia!!!

Thank you for posting the photos of your pizzas! They looked really yummy! And because it is winter now, Pizza and pasta is just really sounding good at the moment! Were you not full from the one pizza?!

Your cookies look so delicious! I want to have some to take to work for a snack! Do you still have some? Or are they all gone?!?

Sorry it's been a while between posts. I had a huge weekend starting from Friday, but I will post tomorrow night about those festivities. For this post... I'm going to focus on WICKED!

I just returned from the opening night of Wicked! Oh my goodness. It is so so SO good! So good, that even though I was watching it for the second time, I still laughed, cried and was surprised all over again!

I had been so excited about Wicked all week. I was following 'Wickedinoz' on twitter, and was trying to stay on top of the updates. For example, the cast was supposed to be in Murray Street mall at 5.15pm last Thursday, I hurried out from work to try and see them, but as I went down the lift and checked twitter, Wickedinoz tweeted that the meet and greet was cancelled due to weather and flight delays. Boo.

Also, in the past few weeks, I had been eyeing some really pretty jewelry, because I really wanted something sparkly. But, because I had been saving for the Vietnam and Hong Kong trip (I fly off this coming Friday), I was sad about not being able to buy a certain set of matching earrings and ring. Even more so, because they were this rich emerald green colour, and I really wanted to wear to Wicked.

But, before going to Wicked, Kev surprised me with gifts!

Super happy!

I was in total shock. Kev bought me the set! I am still in disbelief. When I look at them, I just think that it's a dream. I went psycho for a while, and a little emo too. I also started to have this feeling that I didn't deserve such a thoughtful and kind gift, for no particular occasion. He bought it as a just cause! Thank you so much Kev!

After hugging Kev to death, we got ready and drove to Burswood for dinner at Sirocco with my parents. Dinner was quick, and perfectly timed so that we would have plenty of time to get to our seats!

We were "this" far from the stage

Our seats were awesome! When I bought the tickets for my parents, Kev and I, I made sure that we got awesome seats. I wanted to see every detail this time round, and I really wanted my parents to get the best experience!

Happily seated

Parents in 'spying' range of view

Because I aimed for the best seats possible, I couldn't seat all of us together. So I got my parents tickets one row in front of us. It worked out well for me, because, every so often when something awesome was going to come on stage, I would sneak a peak at my parents, and... yea... seeing their faces change from blank to smiles, laughter and surprise, made me really really happy- that they were enjoying themselves.

I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll keep my post general. The songs, the costumes, the stage work was just awesome. Just how I remembered the show in Sydney, only better!- Because I was closer this time. I still beamed through 'What is this feeling' and 'Popular'; laughed at Galinda/Glinda at how perky she was (she is a lot of good fun!); and I still had to try really hard to hold back the tears for 'Defying Gravity' and 'For Good.' I remember when I first saw Wicked in Sydney, I never heard of any of the songs before, and when 'Defying Gravity' and 'For Good' were sung, it blew me away. The lyrics are so clever that they demonstrate the emotions of Elphaba and Glinda beautifully, and in such a way that it strikes a chord that really resonates with my past experiences. I will say openly that 'For Good' has helped me look at past relationships that once used to hurt me, in a beautiful and positive way. I now thank every person, experience and lessons that I have learnt, and now look back at those personal challenges happily.

In the half time intermission, Kev and I went out for a toilet break, and I bumped into Amy and her friends. They all were saying that it was so good, and that they would see it again! Everyone was so taken by this musical, that the whole theatre was buzzing with happiness.

When Kev and I returned to our seats, a friend came to visit us:

YAY for WICKED and Wicked friends!
Surprised?!!!! I told the boys that I had to take a photo of all of us, so that I could show you! Haha! David was with his group of friends, and sat a few rows behind us! I actually saw him when I was eating at Siroccos! He was walking to the theatre when I was waiting for our bill to arrive. David somehow, saw me in the window, and came up to wave at us! David said that he was loving the musical too!

Anywho... I've included a photo of me modelling my matching earrings and ring that Kev got for me! He totally granted my wish to be "totally Oz-ified!" Thank you so much Kev!

Oz-ified me!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Banana cookie cakes

Hi Anna!

Nothing like the wonderful smell of baked goods on a rainy day! mm mmmm..

The cookies turned out to be more of a cake texture because I added one too many bananas. Regardless of that they were definitely yum (especially straight from the oven!) and I thought I'd blog straight away while half of  the batch is digesting in my tummy. Argh! I have to cut down on sugary goodness.
Before the oven
Big empty bowl
Like mini cakes but cookie sized!
Half the batch that is left :(

The Body Shop is having an awesome sale and this body butter was only £6!!!

How cheap is that? Back home it's almost $30 a tub. The cherry, almond, brazil nut and papaya were on sale too but sadly not the mango or strawberry one. That's OK because I really like the smell of this one and I've never tried it before.

We need to start planning some flights Anna! Where are we going after La Tomatina? Shall we spend more time in Spain or in France? Not long now 70 days! These images from Google terrify rather than anticipate me for the big event.

This also came up in my search. 1 down, 9 more to go! I'd only like to join in for Holi Festival in India and Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea and the rest I'd watch. Not sure about people dressed in Elvis- like costumes jumping over babies or stones hurled at people to knock them out.

Pizza date


What a lovely post about your dinner with your brother! :) I know how much you've been wanting to spend some quality time with him before he leaves and I could really sense the enjoyment and and fun you had in your writing. Oh the glorious food laid out in the photos is making me hungry even though I just had a huge dinner! I would like to try the Korean wine too....

More on food! Last night I also had a big dinner at Pizza Express which is a 5 minute walk away. My housemate had a voucher and for a grand total of 6 each you get garlic bread and a pizza!

Lightly brushed with garlic butter and the dough was incredibly soft!

This pizza had the thinnest base but thank goodness for that because it meant that I could finish it. The toppings and flavours were tantalizing!
Leek, artichoke, rosemary, pancetta, black pepper, chilli
 I explained to Eleanor that I needed photos for our blog and also thought you might be missing me a bit and needed a photo update. Hehe!
My illuminating pizza!
There is a lot of dining out to be done here!

Well I have done 3 days of teaching so far. Monday I had Year 5, Wednesday I had Year 4 and today Year 2. It is exhausting work but I am loving it (well most days anyway!). Weekend is just around the corner!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shilla with Scott

Scott and I
Hey Chia!

I just got back from a dinner with Scott. I had arranged to do a siblings dinner with him, so that we could catch up before he moves to the US.

It was such a nice, relaxing dinner. Initially it was going to be at Tony Romas, but then Scott suggested to go to Shilla Korean Restaurant in East Perth.

We initially had issues with choosing what to eat, because Scott and I were crazy hungry. But in the end we ordered the scallops and Korean pancake for the entrĂ©e and then we had the Korean BBQ for the main.

The Scallops
Korean Pancake
We also ordered this bottle of Korean Black Raspberry Wine which was super yummy! It tasted like sweet fruit juice, but alcoholic. As soon as we had one shot, we could feel the warmth spreading over. Scott was quite amused. 

Actually, I found this little interesting note after I suggested that we ordered the Wine:

Special Man Juice
Scott lost it when he read it. I thought it was quite funny too, especially when one of Scott's girl friends took our order. I made it clear that we were ordering it NOT for the 'enhancement' of any sort of thing.

Like I said before, it was a really nice dinner. We just chilled and let loose and enjoyed each other's company, which is not something that we do normally. It made me sad that I didn't think of doing this earlier. But it always ends up like this doesn't it. It's always the case that you never do things that you ought to do, when you have the opportunity to do so. That's why I've been trying to plan as many things possible to just spend time with Scott and family this weekend before I leave for my own trip, as he leaves while I am away.

Scott Mr McDrunko with our dinner.

I liked it how Scott eventually 'chilled out'. The more he chilled, the more relaxed his smile became. Scott and Mom has this weird thing where they DO smile right, but for some reason, it always looks like a bit of a struggle to get there. I would always have to do something to make them laugh to get the genuine smile out of them. But tonight, Scott was just happy.

Scott taking his 'enhancing' juice
We ended up drinking two bottles. Each bottle being 14% alcohol, and we stayed on par with each other. I egged him on each time I was ready to pour. Scott then made a good point, that effectively, we both drank one bottle each. Hrm... where is my water...

A happy brother

I like this photo of Scott. I started giving him crap and he started laughing. I was able to catch a good natural happy shot of him. Also, we were pretty impressed with the homemade cheesecake. It looked super yummy, and it was delicious too!

I am still a bit tipsy, but yea, it was overall a really really good night. =D