Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy travels


I have no idea what your flight plans or your itinerary is like but I assume that you are in Vietnam by the time you read this. I can't wait to hear  from you if you have time. I am sure you will have plenty to do so please don't feel like you have to do any updates while you are on holidays :)

Tonight I am ending a full week of work with drinks that I mentioned in my last post. I had a fantastic week at 4 different schools and today I was a music teacher. I was definitely not expecting this and only found out when I showed up in the morning, but hey, I am flexible! It was a great chance to brush up on my music skills too! I taught Year 5s recorder and that was OK about from a few recorders short and some kids trying to annoy me by blasting their recorder or blowing into it when I was talking. I also taught Year 2s music and we listened to Rossini's The Storm and they made their own version using what they could find in the classroom such as pencil jars/ marbles/ paper to create sounds of a storm. We were suppose to have actual musical instruments in the classroom (there isn't a music room)  but again unexpectedly we didn't so that called for some quick thinking on my part!

Nice and short but more to write on the weekend! It will be a maximum of 28C I believe on SUNDAY! WOHOOO! I don't know what my plans are but I will definitely be outdoors! Have a super weekend everyone and happy travels my dear Anna!

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