Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All I want to do is cook!

Hi Anna!

Glad you haven't been posting any food pics! Otherwise I'd be feeling so hungry right now! The mud photo is hilarious! You all look quite relaxed though. Now why is Chinnie sitting in the front with the girls....? Looking lovely in the night out too! No wonder the photographer was lingering around :P

I've been hit with cooking mania and tonight rather than looking up some worksheets for the class tomorrow (I've had a pre-booking which means that I know which school and class I'll have) I'm searching on my favourite website for recipes!

Today I made these brownies that turned out more of a cake texture (have to stop making it a habit of all my baked goods ending up like a cake texture when it shouldn't be!) because I left it in the oven a touch longer than required. Nevertheless they were DELICIOUS! Best thing is that it took less than 20 mins to prepare and bake.
The icing was incredible! You could get a tooth decay/ heart attack just by looking at it! I had to crop the picture as the container it was in had smudges of chocolate icing all over.
I think I shall host a picnic in Hampstead Heath next weekend if the weather permits and prepare some tasty finger food! I'm thinking sushi, samosas, pies, brownies and more! Oh and since you're in Vietnam it reminded me of fresh Vietnamese spring rolls! I'll have to make these soon except a trip to Chinatown will be required to source the ingredients. How I wish I had all my girl friends back home to come along!!! :( :( :(

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