Friday, July 1, 2011

Dinners with friends

Hi Anna! I wonder where you are now?

On Wednesday night I went to watch Bridesmaids with a lovely girl called Penelope who I met over the internet. We got along really well the first time which is why I didn't feel uncomfortable about going to a movie with her.The movie left me in stitches! I loved it and it was great to laugh with someone else too!
Meet Penelope!
After movies  we had dinner at Carluccio's which is a resto down the street where we both live (yes coincidentally we live on the same street). I look happy about the seafood salad prior to tasting it, but it actually wasn't that great :(

 Last night I caught up with Vanni before she left for Spain. She's been in London for 4 days, but was doing a few tours etc and I haven't had the chance to catch her because of work. I really wanted to try this Mexican place called Wahaca  in Soho for ages but last time I went the place was packed with a 45 min wait. Luckily we stumbled upon this place again and it wasn't busy.
 The food was delicious and quick to arrive! Now I  know what I've been missing out on all my life!
Chips and salsa
Slow cooked pork tender and tangy,  perfect combinations!

 After that we walked around the Soho/Leicester Sq area and we went inside this HUGE M & M store just for fun. Vanni seemed to know a lot more about the area than I did! I was absolutely disorientated.
London M & M. I wonder if they taste different?
Multil coloured M & Ms! I couldn't buy them because I'd feel like I'm buying imitation M & Ms since they are not in their usual colours like back home!
M & Ms everywhere
I was good and left chocolate-less :D but now I feel like baking double chocolate chip cookies!  I can't believe they have an entire store of 4 levels dedicated to M & Ms.
If I ever go to a costume party I'd consider this outfit!!!
Hope you enjoyed the pics! Have a lovely weekend everyone and hope July is a wonderful month for you :) I know it will be for me because a friend is due to give birth to her first baby! I'm so excited for her and anticipating the news of her arrival :D

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