Monday, July 25, 2011

Camden Pub Crawl

Hi Anna!

What an appropriate title for your blog! You lucky thing :) I could do with a new bag but then again who doesn't? I can't believe Kev carted the jewellery box all the way! It looks huge! Imagine all the extra jewellery you need to buy to fill it up. Ashamedly all my jewellery is clumped inside a see through container that used to have olives inside. Yikes! I guess that is the thing about living abroad, you have to make do without a lot of things so that you don't add bulk when you eventually leave the place. The chocolate filled with durian brought two things to mind: mum and Singapore!!!

Books for the month. I bought these from an Oxfam secondhand bookstore. I can't believe that they are all almost brand new and they stock a wide selection of books. Currently I am reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave and it's very easy to read and has a very intriguing storyline set in Nigeria and modern London. I can't remember a book that I've read where I'm actually in the setting.

Remember the two brooches? Well I'm wearing the penguin one here! I sent the deer one to a fellow teaching friend :)
 I want to get more of these gorgeous brooches. I forgot to post the link for it last time but you can check them out here. I think this would look gorgeous in red! I wanted this in white but they didn't have any left.

This is one of my favourite photo from the pub crawl that Lauren and I went to on Saturday night in Camden. It's the pretty blue lights that make it specky!
  This was also the same day that Amy Winehouse died in her Camden flat. I didn't know she lived in Camden! I didn't hear about it until my flatmate Ana told me about it. You sure miss a lot of things when you don't have a tv.

We were taken around to 5 different pubs/clubs and I had a ball. There were meant to be other people that said they were coming along but bailed last minute because they had dates! Hrmm...  There was an excellent ratio (for us girls anyway!) of 20 guys to 5 girls at the beginning and the group kept getting larger! We stayed up partying and the guy in the photo (Martini? Masarni?) an Indian raised in America traveling through London, ended up crashing back here. I felt kinda terrible for him because I gave him my sleeping bag and he had to sleep on the floor. Sucks again not only not having a tv but also not having a couch for your guests.

Not only that, but I feel terrible because at the beginning of the night I was telling him a recent story of two guys that I've only just met asking for requests on FB and how I declined. We never ended up swapping any details and in hindsight it would've been cool to keep in touch. Oh well!

I also met these two Indonesian guys. I was absolutely thrilled and I must've been the happiest kid in town because I got the chance to practise my bahasa and I'm proud to say that I've still got it! Woohoo! I might've been going on too much about nasi padang and the likes....
Dancing away at Prouds. This photo cracks me up!
The second one to the left is in a band called The Curious Incident and he's been living abroad in Holland to Hawaii to Germany and some other places my memory fails to recall. I would've loved to see them play tomorrow night but I can't because I'M GOING TO SEE WICKED! FINALLY! Exciting times!

Today is another sunny day and I will be out. I think I will go shopping to get a few things for my Contiki tour especially summer clothes! I can't wait! It's almost like a dream because everything was only thought of and booked the last week or so. I think from now onwards time will fly because about 2 weeks after I get back, you will be in London and we will be off to Spain!

I feel that it is appropriate to end my blog with 'see you soon'!

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