Saturday, July 9, 2011

My first Contiki trip

Hello Anna...

I was in Leicester Square last night and the bouts of high pitch screaming told me something was on and of course it was the premier of Harry Potter-no-idea-which-number-movie-because-I-never-got-into-it-but-wish-I-did. There were all these mercs parked up which I assume were the mode of transport and the area was fenced off so only those with tickets could see the cast turn up.

On a totally different topic, just two hours ago I had a sudden moment of clarity and decided at the end of this month to go on a Contiki tour for 14 days. I intend to see it is a birthday present to myself and to excuse myself from finding work during the school summer holidays. I will be visiting Paris, French Riviera, Rome and Amsterdam. It works out well because I will be back for 2 weeks before you get here :) It pains me to think that I still have to pay rent even though I won't be here for a total of a month or so! :(

Sunday is my 26th birthday!!! Boy has that crept up on me. I will be hosting a picnic that was meant to be tomorrow afternoon but is now postponed to Sunday. London weather you will always win!!!! :(

That is all!

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