Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My first birthday in summer and in London!

Hello Anna!

Wow what a trip you've had to Vietnam and HK! Talk about getting plenty done! Loved all the pictures too! Kev and yourself look so adorable and you look splendid especially the one where you are eating an egg tart.  I absolutely miss eating Chinese food and also Indonesian food oh and Vietnamese food! I miss how food is so cheap in Asia!!!! I could do with a street stall bowl of pho or fresh Vietnamese spring rolls! YUM! I am glad you did lots of eating because that is something that has to be done when you're travelling!

I can imagine all the thoughts running through your head when you're about to go to a place that you've never been, yet you have a special connection with it. It is almost like a spiritual journey for you. I hope you found some answers or some sense of peace or maybe it has even sparked more questions for you? I know how much you've been through and I always hope that one day you will find what you are looking for.

I had a fantastic birthday in Hampstead Heath. I keep going on about this place because I know that wherever I go after this, I will miss this place heaps! I'm always here exercising by myself and it really is something special to have a small group of friends enjoying the weather, food and each other's company. It was quite unusual in the sense that all of the people who attended have only known me for less than 4 months, yet we all got along exceptionally well! I prepared lots of food and currently I have a container of sandwiches, tubs of dips, sausage rolls, chocolates and cakes to go through.

Top leftclockwise- Eleanor (housemate), Penelope (internet friend), Shaz (friend of a friend from Perth), Jarod (friend of a friend from Perth), Lauren (met and kept in touch from my hostel stay when I first arrived in London), Elise (Lauren's sister).Bettina is missing and I know her through the internet as well.
Cake, cookies, cheese, chips, chocolate, CHEESECAKE! Why do all the things I love begin with C?
I haven't really treated myself yet. I'm still waiting for my Contiki booking to go through, so it's not actually confirmed yet. I went on a mini shopping spree on Saturday and bought some clothes from Zara, MNG and River Island. They are having some amazing 50% off sales at the moment! I haven't had time to go through all the stores and I fear if I do, there might not be much to spend on holiday trips. On that note,  sometimes it is OK to splurge on something big and wonderfully expensive because you've worked incredibly hard for it. Even though it may seem materialistic or frivolous to others, if you love it and it makes you happy- why not?! ;) We all enjoy spending in different ways so there shouldn't be any guilt involved :)

In terms of work, I had an interesting day on Monday as a teacher assistant in an autistic school. I initially turned down a nursery role (I prefer from Year 1 upwards) but then this role came through and I thought that this would benefit my teaching experience and give me a better understanding of children that have special needs. The class had 8 children that were diagnosed with autism and on differing levels of severity. I had to look after one particular child like an hawk and that was nowhere near enough! Unfortunately I had to change his pull up diapers (he was at age of 6 but mentally at 1) and for that one second I turned my head to throw the diapers in the bin, he bolted out of the door, straight into the staffroom and shoved a piece of cake into his mouth that was on a coffee table. This same child would also put anything and everything he could reach into his mouth, There were two shrubs that certainly got a battering from this little boy. He would constantly run back and forth and grab twigs and leaves and put them in his mouth. Of course there was dirt where the shrubs were growing and lumps of it would be picked up by his saliva covered hands and brushed around and sometimes into his mouth. I was only there for a day but I developed an abundance of respect and admiration for teachers, parents and carers of children with autism.I really don't know how they do it but it truly is amazing to see them interact with the children.

I had work today in a Year 3 class and upon arriving home and found this HUGE box at the bottom of the flat waiting for me. How exciting it was to carry it up the stairs!

Guess what was inside? Something floral obviously! Roses! But what was delightful about it was not the smell of the roses itself, but the additional touch of waxy eucalyptus leaves. The scent of it has been stirring up warm and comforting memories of Perth. How thoughtful! I also received a wedding invite and a lovely pressie too!! Thank you :D The pressie was EXACTLY what I needed! Will take a pic of it when I wear it too! I feel like I am missed back home and incredibly special to have little pieces of Perth delivered to me :)
How coincidental! Penelope also gave me similar coloured roses!
Lovely sight to wake up to right on my bedside table. Yes they are sitting in an empty but clean bolognaise jar hehe!
Remember the opera of Madame Butterfly? Well I've recruited some of the friends that attended my  birthday to come along tomorrow night. I cannot wait for the show! I feel so blessed and lucky to be in this city and enjoying free events like these! I think I am going to have a GREAT week! I can just feel it!!!!

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