Monday, July 18, 2011


Aw! Your sketching day sounds so relaxing! I really miss those kind of days where you slow down to appreciate your surroundings. How cool that a tourist wanted you in their photo! Perhaps he was an aspiring photographer, and one day he will be famous and one of his pieces will be of you! =D

I definitely would like a pair of Melissa shoes! Are they an Australian brand? How did you find out about them!? I've never ever heard of them until you!

Today, I left work at 4.30 to meet my 4.45 appointment at the blood bank. I do like donating, though I'll admit, I'm always slightly nervous and uncomfortable. I have tiny veins, and people always have trouble finding them, which results in pain. But the last few times has been pretty good.

Today was another good session. No problems today. Only thing that was slightly annoying was how long it took. I ended up leaving at 6!

Donating 100% Anna goodness

Afterwards, I always get excited about the food they give us. But because it's already late, I just asked for this:

Hrm Cheese

But that's my good deed for the day. Now I'll just have to ensure I get good sleep so I can wake up at 4.30 tomorrow morning to pick up Kev from the airport. I
Can't wait to hear all his stories from Korea!

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