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Asia Trip - Part 2

Hong Kong from the Peak

Hey Chia!


Hong Kong

Hong Kong... auggghh! Hong Kong was all about the shopping for me. Bought heaps and heaps of work clothes. We also were able to eat some good beef brisket, tasty dim sum, and really really tasty McDonalds! Haha!

Kev and I also met up with his family. We first met up with his Aunt, and got some great eating tips from his cousin named Clement (can you believe it?!? There is another Clem out there!) We then met up with his Uncle on another day, and we visited his Grandma. I found it interesting meeting them. I could see Kev's mom when I saw his Aunt, and the same with his Uncle; I could see Kev's dad. I like meeting families. I've always liked playing the 'Lets find the similarities' game. It's a little game I've always played with myself since I was young. Perhaps it is because previously, I had never had anyone that looked or resembled me. I couldn't see where I got my features or mannerisms. So yea, seeing people who share characteristics, still really fascinates me.

On the way to meeting up with Kev's uncle, we visited the Wong Tai Sin temple where they had these statues of all the Chinese animals!

Kev's rat

Me and the Ox

After we had a look around, I got Kev to do a fortune reading. I've never had an Asian version, and the lady we got gave us a face and palm reading. From what I remember, I am a gold ox, and Kev is a soil rat. She said that it is very lucky, as the soil loves gold as it 'looks after it'. I thought it was sweet. She also said that I should continue to work in my job, but when I turn 32 years old, I ought to start my own business as it will be very successful. HA! Oh geez. What business? I got no idea! She also said that I should try to marry before 32 and have 2 children before the age of 36. After that, having children will be difficult for me. Boo. She also said that I have a weak kidney, and this will be an issue if I don't exercise. How fun.

For Kev, she said that he will be successful in his job, but that he has to be careful around some people. I didn't understand her too well about this, but I interpreted it as that he will be successful, but there will be people who will try and take away his success or something. She also said that he ought to be married before the age of 34, otherwise he will have difficulties with his wife if he married after. So she said earlier the better for him. She did mention that Kev will have problems with his throat and stomach later in life. Specific isn't she?

It was all interesting. Obviously its just for fun. I did find it to be a completely different approach to the Western fortune readings.

We also did this awesome tour called 'Dialogue in the Dark.' You can find out more information here. This tour was pretty much an insight into how it would be if you were blind. We were taken into a dark room, given a blind guide stick and we were on our way. We had a tour guide too! In the tour we followed her voice, and she led us through a rain forest, onto a boat, crossing the street, shopping in the market and figuring out what fruit was on sale, the movies and then finally, eating at a cafe. It was really fun and insightful. I was a bit freaked at at the beginning, because I could not see any light at all. But after a while, your other senses take over and it's amazing what you can do blind. But I know that it will take a long time to adapt.


We also made a trip to Macau. Whereas everyone else had a day trip to explore Macau, Kev and I had bought a overnight package at the Venetian. The package included an overnight stay, A reserve tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show, boat tickets back to Hong Kong, and breakfast. Unfortunately, because we had to get to the Hong Kong international airport early the following morning, so Kev and I couldn't use the breakfast or the boat tickets. But the package was awesome for the room and the show! Here's a snapshot of the Venetian:

The entry

Our luxurious bed, and awesome living room.

Our cool bathroom

The shopping and casino part of the Venetian

Eating egg tarts beside the canals and under the painted sky!

We also saw that the Venetian had an 'Ice World' exhibition which was only being shown from May to September 2011 and once we saw that, I asked Kev if we could just stay inside of the Venetian to explore it. It is such a huge place. We couldn't even cover all of it in the day that we were there! The canals and painted skies gave us a never-ending day, and time flew by so fast, that before we knew it, we had to get ready for the Cirque du Soleil show.

Ice World was pretty amazing! It felt like only 20 minutes, but we were actually in there for a little over an hour! It was freezing cold despite the warm jackets they gave us. My hands were killing me near the end, as they were always out holding my camera. They hurt so much, that they were stiff and my fingers became swollen when we left! Fat fingers! Eww!

See! I am in London too Chia! London in Ice World!

Kev in Paris!

Zaia was really good! I have never been to a fixed Cirque du Soleil show. I can see why it is so much better than the travelling shows that come to Perth. At the Venetian, the performers use the whole theatre in their performance! Zaia appeared to be about space, earth and exploring new horizons. It was amazing, but Kev and I were both pooped from our trip, and as we walked out of it, we both admitted dozing off in certain parts. Eeeep!

Zaia balloon that we caught from the end of the show

Highlights of this part of the trip include:

  1. Eating dim sum in Hong Kong. Some of the dishes were super yummy and they were all made fresh!
  2. Shopping at G2000 - We all bought a lot of things here. I love it! Except that I couldn't fit the pants. The girls here have short crotches and super skinny thighs. I also loved Uniqlo! I didn't realise how awesome this Japanese 'basics' shop was! Everything fits too!
  3. Kev and I went to get business shirts tailor made. We went to two fittings, only to find that on the third fitting they were unable to make the alterations, and we were leaving the next day. Augh! Now we are waiting for them to send the shirts to us for us to try it out. At least they were willing to send the shirts to Australia without demanding us to pay for the shirts until we were satisfied with them.
  4. Karaoke! OMG I loved our ktv session! We sung a whole lot of Chinese songs which made me remember the characters and yea... I had a really good time. It has been ages since I've been to ktv!
  5. Using the subway. The Hong Kong underground system is awesome! So efficient and super clean too!
  6. Me having the worse cough, headache, and aching intercostal muscles ever! (it hurt when I breathed in, and when I coughed). Actually, add to that, Kev and Amy's fevers (add in Amy throwing up one night), Wilbur's nausea, and Chinny being some kind of sick and sleeping a whole 24 hours. Oh and Bels and Lena being hungover after a big night out. Yea people still got sick in Hong Kong.
  7. Drinks with Ying up at Soho, after riding the longest escalator that just kept going up and up. Drinks with Ying, Ben, Thien, Jesi, and Kev led to discussions about whether soccer players who stop a goal with their hands are cheats, and then it just went down hill from there- to who would you kill to save 300 people, would you kill your mom to save millions etc. Oh and it was super hot in that bar. Except for the toilets. The toilets were a refrigerator. Nice!
  8. Hanging with friends! I love this game on the iPhone! Its like words with friends, but quicker! I suck at scrabble, and I never have enough time to analyse and find a cool word to play. But hanging with friends is pretty much hangman, and the rounds to a game are quick! Super funnnnnn!
  9. Mango desserts. They were yum.
  10. McDonalds after going up to the Peak. That Maccas was super yum. The burgers were juicy, the friend chicken was juicy, everything was tasty and juicy! I can see why people would eat there if the food was always like that. In Perth the burgers at times are super dry.
  11. Going to all you can eat Japanese in KL, which included all your can eat dessert (Haagen daz!)
  12. Eating as many KL dishes in one day with Amy before we returned to Perth. Man I was full, but I was satisfied. I missed out on roti though. 
  13. Watching some weird movie with Megan Fox where she was some sort of demon that ripped up guys to stay young and beautiful, while Ben drank almost a bottle of patron after losing too many times to Bel, Ben Ng, Thien and Thien's brother (who lived in KL).
Ah... I am sure that I have left out plenty of memories from this trip, but to write them all out would take forever! I am happy to have visited Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau and KL. It was a whirlwind of a trip!

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