Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letter from East!

Hey Chia!

It sounds like you are really living it up in London! Your pub crawl in Camden sounds awesome! All your new friends! and OMG the weekend that Amy Winehouse died AND in the area that she lived in! It's crazy that you are actually in a City that stuff happens in! Like you can almost rub shoulders with the rich and famous! How is the clubbing in London, how would you rate it compared to clubbing in Australia? Or Singapore?

The past few days have been the usual routine for me- work, vball, a little bit of rockclimbing and trying to find time to get back into running. And randomly, tonight, I sat down at my messy table, thinking I should try and organise it, and look what I found:

A letter!

I looked at the environmentally friendly envelope, knowing that it was a letter from Lily, but, what I didn't realise was that it was unopened! I had glanced at my cluttered desk and had thought it was an old letter! I opened it with that old school happy feeling when you received genuine letters instead of bills and brochures! I am happy that Lils and I have been able to maintain snail mail! I will be writing to you soon Lils! Sorry it's taken me so long to see this letter for what it was!- A new letterrrrr!

Other than that, admittedly my spare time has been trying to organise the Europe Trip. Kev and I have not booked anything! But at least we have sorted the places that we plan on going to. We are going to explore Geneva, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munich. The in between places we are a bit unsure of, but either way, it's looking so eye opening. I have missed this feeling of excitement and passion for just experiencing everything new!

I am super excited about our Spanish Romance in store for us! Barcelona is looking so exotic to me at this moment! I can't wait to see all of Gaudi's unusual art and architecture! I found this cool link to give us more ideas of things to do in Spain: http://www.timeout.com/barcelona/features/35/20-great-things-to-do-in-barcelona 

OH! And I agree with you with Ibiza now! Like I think the 'responsible' me is slowly shedding off, and I am beginning to feel that itchy feeling! I want to be able to sing that VengaBoys song
...Fly away on Venga airways, fly me high, Ibiza sky. WOAH! We're going to Ibiza! WOAH! Back to the Island. WOAH! We're gonna have a party. WOAH! In the Mediterranean sea...
Exciteddd... Here, lets get you excited too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXXRHpVed3M&feature=related 

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