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Hey Chia!

You're last few blogs have made me jealous! I am enjoying all your 'casual' excursions out and about, appreciating such beautiful architecture and art that we don't seem to have back here. I really would like to take the time out to draw or write about the things around me. If only I allowed myself that time here.

I really like the colours and your pencil work for your flower! It is so pretty and I just like looking at that photo for some reason. I think it is because your drawing shows such unusual and vibrant colours for a rose, but then when you see the actual rose, your eyes are like 'WOW it IS real'.

On Tuesday morning I was woken up by my radio alarm at 4.30am. I quickly clicked the alarm off and jumped out of bed. For a few seconds, I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, and habitually walked to the kitchen, open the pantry and moved to get my cereal. But then I realised that it was no ordinary morning. I realised that, I had no time for breakfast, and that I needed to wash up, get changed and go ASAP.

Kev and the others from the Asia Trip who had continued onto Korea, were arriving at 5.20am; or so it said so on the airport website when I checked it the night before. As I brushed my teeth I double checked the arrival time and to my horror, it said that Kev and co were due to arrive at 5.10am. I quickly finished washing up and was out the door by 4.50am.

I ended up arriving at the airport at 5.30am. The traffic was great, and luckily for me, luggage and customs were slow (as usual). The first person to come out was Wilbur. He seemed tired, but relieved to be home. Then out came Kev wearing the coolest space invader cap. I was so happy to see him! We were only separated for a week, but it felt like ages. I was happy that he was back. Soon after Kev rolled out the doors, Bels, Doris, Joyce, Lena, Ben and then Thien came out. Everyone made it back safely! I think everyone was tired, but happy to be finally home.

In the car, Kev told me all the stories about Korea. They were quite funny, and he raved on about their tour leader named Annie, who in fact, made the Korea trip a lot of fun. When we arrived back to Kev's house, Kev started unpacking straight away! I thought that perhaps he would want to rest for a bit... but then he said he had gotten me gifts. And to my surprise... I was spoilt!!!!

Kev had bought snacks for my parents, which included chocolate filled with durian flavour, which my mom loved, tasty pretzels which my dad really liked, two bags of chocolates (one being Hershey dark chocolate candy in a crunchy shell, and the other being Reese's Pieces peanut butter flavour), and a box of unusual flavoured Ferrero Roche. He then pulled out a cloth bag with 'Charles and Keith' on it, which had a small handbag that I had eyed in Vietnam, but decided against buying it because I already bought two bags! I liked it because it had giraffe spots on the top! He then gave me a bookmark that doubles up as a letter opener from Korea, more various sweet Korean snacks, a t-shirt from uni qlo that had Meiji Chocolate on it, and a cool carry bag, that he had used for his carry on luggage and which I can use for sport!

And when I thought I was already spoilt enough, Kev pulled out this white box. It had brown tape wrapped over the top, and he started opening it. 'This was supposed to be a gift for you...' he started as he pulled the tape off, 'but it got damaged in transit.' He pulled out a bundle of white paper and started unwrapping it. I was a bit blur because I had no idea what he was going on about, and I was still buzzing from everything he had already gotten me and my parents. He eventually pulled out of the white paper this:

The most beautiful jewelry box everrrrr
I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the most beautiful jewelry box that I had ever seen. It was PERFECT! I had been looking for one for a while now, and just couldn't find anything that was right. Something was always wrong with it. The size, the pattern, the places to hold the jewelry... I just couldn't find anything, and I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find anything in Vietnam.

But when Kev pulled this out, it was just magical! It was so pretty and I loved how the butterflies were flying all around the box! Kev said that it was damaged in transit, and pointed out a corner on the lid where the lacquer had chipped, and another corner where it had been scratched. I didn't care; in fact, I thought that it added character! Luckily Kev still had the chipped piece, and I was able to super glue it on! He also said that the box was wrapped up really pretty, with ribbon and everything! But customs got it it, and made him unwrap it so they could have a look.

My treasure box!
I quickly put all my special jewelry in there, and I just love opening it and then clicking it close. It's like a treasure box! It is a bit empty at the moment, but I do intend on filling it up! =)

Kev said he chose it, because he knew that butterflies are somewhat special (it's not that I love butterflies, but for some reason, butterflies stuff, or things associated with butterflies have popped up throughout my life so far), and also, so it could match my beloved Sailor fountain pen which I call Cio-cio-san (after Madame Butterfly).

My Sailor fountain pen

Sailor is a Japanese brand fountain pen, and the pen is actually called 'Chou' which means butterfly in Japanese. I think 'Cio' is cute, because it is the Italian interpretation, or way of spelling what they heard the Japanese say when they referred to the butterfly. Kind of like when I wrote in my diary about my first night in Hang zhou, and I learned how to say 'water' in Mandarin for the first time. I couldn't write Chinese characters or in pinyin, so I wrote what I heard 'water' in Mandarin as 'Sherwaye' when the proper way is like this: 水 or 'shui'.


Oh my goodness! I just saw your baking post! Your cranberry and pistachio biscotti looks sooo yum! I wish I could it eat now! You should wrap them up and hand them out as gifts! I can't believe your chocolate cake is gluten free too! Super healthy! I wish I was there to eat them! But hey...

Only 36 days to go before I AM there! =D

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