Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sunrise & Moonset

Morning Chia

A photo from this morning!

Its when you say hello to the new day and goodbye to yesterday's worries!

On another note, I mourn the loss of your caterpillar friend, but I can't help but love your post! It was so cute and funny... in a sad way.

So in respectful memory of your many-legged friend, lets explore his life.

He was munching away at your plant. Kept you company, was safe. What more could a little caterpillar want?

The more probing question is what would have been the driving force behind the caterpillar's decision to jump off its wonderful home which was plentiful of fresh and luscious leaves to eat?

Perhaps he was threatened? Or dare I suggest it, pushed.

That smurf looks a little suspicious.

Or maybe he was just sad.

If that was the case, then I guess the lesson here is that the material things in life cannot replace genuine happiness.

Regardless, rest in peace caterpillar.


Friday, February 22, 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar that... exploded!

Hi Anna!

Beautiful sunset and great reporting on THE COLOR RUN!  My favourite part was the videos! And my favourite video was the one that I helped in filming because it captured you in front of the camera rather than behind it :p

No exciting adventures from me just yet, but I have a sad or funny (or both depending how you look at it!) story to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that there was a fat spotty caterpillar munching away on a frond of the new fern that I had placed in my room. I was rather delighted to have acquired such a pet and the thought of it eventually becoming a 'surprise-coloured' butterfly was exciting that I didn't mind picking off the little caterpillar droppings on my shelf. It was even nice that Mr Smurf had someone to talk to.

So over the week I poked around the fern keeping tabs and watching it fatten up nicely, anticipating when it would plod along to the next stage of its life cycle.

SADLY... that anticipation was short lived. One evening, I found tiny green blobs splattered on my carpet.

I was horrified! How on earth could this happen? Of course I was upset! And overwhelmed with  disgust whilst frantically sponging fluro green viscera off my carpet.

I've convinced myself that his sticky little feet could could no longer grip his extra weight gain and he fell to his death. That or, he simple just exploded as you do when you eat too much fern. It's highly  unlikely that he was brushed onto the carpet and then trodden on by his responsible and attentive keeper.

Sometimes when something is too sad, you've got to make light of the situation and resort to humour :(

Mr Smurf and the Very Hungry Caterpillar in his whole and complete happy form.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beautiful sunset

Hey Chia

Just a short post to show off this stunning sunset!

Wish I had my bathers!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Morning Chia!

I can't believe that yesterday and the ColorRun has already come and gone!

I was so amped and excited for this run!

Our team, 'Rainbows and Unicorns', which consisted of Kev, Clem, Drew, Katie, Amy, Shaz, Sas, Charlene, you and me, did so well in keeping together and walking, running and dancing our way through the different checkpoints and finishing the happiest 5km ever! Unfortunately, we were unable to meet up with Viv and Elvina, but they were there in spirit!

I don't know about you, but the whole day was so fun for me! I just got this little buzz and I was uncontrollably happy! Perhaps it was the mixture of awesome music, friends, exercise and lots and lots of bright colours!

The ColorRun is spelt without the 'u'. However, marketing was awesome and has said that you put the 'u' in ColorRun!

Anywho, here are some pics and videos of the day! Enjoy!

The first ones there! Thanks Chia for the awesome hats! Totes love theeeeem!

Drew & Katie!

Our group is exploding 

What animals do in the Savannah - they laze around under the shade of a tree

The fellas

The girls

What about dancers?


And the Rainbows and Unicorns are off!

In the wind of Pink

At the Blue Checkpoint. They told us to roll, so we did.

Looking smurfy guys!!!

Our team being monkeys!

Orange Station Volunteer bent on OompaLumpafying me.

Color Ninjas... they were surprising and fun!

We so colorful!

Love Clem's face

Rainbows and Unicorns!


Jumping for Joy

So happy that the run makes you do cartwheels

Hooray we did it!


We love colour

Spotty Hair

Conga Line

Orange me please


Getting sorta over-coloured now

Our mascot!

The Rainbows and Unicorns Team

The messy train ride home!
One of the funniest things was the after math of the ColorRun and ColorFestival! It took a lot of baby oil, body wash and a sturdy sponge to assist in washing all the beautiful colours off! We also spent the afternoon soaking our clothes in NappySan (except for our ColorRun shirts, which we soaked in Vinegar in hopes of preserving the colour on the shirt!)

There's a crazy amount of photos, and so I need to sort through them and post more on Facebook!

Sorry for such a short post! I gotta head off to work now!

Hope you had an awesome time Chia!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day rewind

Aren't you a lucky ducky Anna? That is a very clever card Kev made you :) Proven skills for a surgeon right there. I'm glad my card was to your liking too. Hallmark has nothing on us Kev! Plus I can't believe how expensive cards can be! $9.99 for a bit of diamantes and embossing? Hrm...

So it's Valentines and it's been a lonnnnng while since I've had anything close to a romantic one. However today was romantic thanks to you and some fro yo :D Love our fro yo dates even if it's for a short while.

My love
We LOVE fro yo!
Is it strange that I'm getting my jollies from hearing and seeing what people do for Valentine's? I was driving and I saw a man with a dozen helium love hearty balloons that he was trying to contain inside a huge plastic bag. He was also trying to catch the bus! I hope the lucky lady was delighted by them. If only I could find out...

I'd best describe my previous Valentine's Day as adventurous and fun! I managed to cross off two things I've always wanted to do.  Learn to surf and test out the buoyancy in the Dead Sea.

Valentine's  2012
On this day I enjoyed my new addiction to flat bread and hummus for breakfast with Lauren in Amman, Jordan.
Then on our way to Petra, we stopped by the Dead Sea and were thrilled to bits how buoyant we were.

Valentine's 2011

On this day I woke up ridiculously early for my third day of surfing lessons in Bali.
I don't know if I ever mentioned my hot surf instructor Ketut. Yes as in 'Ketut and Rhonda'. Except of course this Ketut is exceptionally good looking. Waking up at 5am has has never been that easy!

Lastly, isn't this cute?

Oh and I love Google's interactive banner. I've been clicking to see how the animals would celebrate their Valentine's! Funny stuff.

Handmade card - boy style

Omg Chia!

I just had to post this!

It's Valentines Day and Kev just gave me this:

It's amazing! It's handmade pop-up bear!

Definitely feeling loved by my girlfriend and boyfriend with all these handmade cards! :)))))))

Happy Valentines Day!