Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quick bodyboarding session

Hi Chia!

What a busy week you've had! Moonlight picnics, solo road trips, art session and a bday catch up!

Your road trip was filled with quirky sights! Any decisions about your future? The pig mowing the lawn is the funniest! How bizarre!

Christina's bird is beautiful! I loved how its feathers shined! The fruit tree was also very very pretty!

Where did you find your photo of Mr Shrimp? He is quite cool! Your drawing/painting of him is very cool! It reminds me of a Japanese animation. Keep posting! I do look forward to seeing what you guys get up to every week!

I've just been doing the usual thing. Morning runs, work, afternoon walk or indoor beach volleyball.

So when the clock ticked over to 5pm today, I was totally excited that the weekend had finally started! It was such a warm day, and Clem suggested that we hit the beach. It was such a great idea! The temperature dropped to about 27 degrees by 6pm, and unfortunately, we all arrived a little late to the beach.

By 7pm the wind had picked up, and the overall weather was a lot cooler. So we all decided to go for a quick run instead and head off to Hillary's for dinner.

However, after the run, we decided to have a quick dip as the water was actually quite nice.

Clem's first wave for the day

$5 worth of awesome crabby fun

A moment of sheer excitement while on a wave
Kev paddling out

Completely happy!

Sweet night out

Empty and peaceful

Weather forecast for the weekend looks nice and hot! I can't wait!

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