Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Morning GoPro Fail

Morning Chia!

Damn damn golly damn! What a fail! You ask 'what is this fail you're talking about Anna'? It's a fail!

I woke up this morning all excited to try out my new GoPro that a special friend had gotten me for a belated birthday/Christmas present. I thank my friend so very much for the super awesome gift! Such a thoughtful one, and one that I was completely blindsided. I've always wanted a GoPro but never vocalised it as I couldn't justify getting one as I already had my black Canon and my underwater camera.

My special friend (who would like to stay completely anonymous) blew me away when we met up and I was presented with my belated gift!

I was Gobbedsmacked! Speechless! I was so in shock that I couldn't process it... Though I was super happy, grateful, shocked, amazed, surprised and ecstatic, I couldn't say thank you enough, and I also couldn't help feeling like I didn't deserve it!

Anywho, after being reassured that it was truly for me and my special friend reaffirmed that it was bought for me for my birthday/Christmas gift, I started getting excited about the things I could do with it!

Love! Bazillions of thank yous being sent your way Special Friend

So this morning I woke up put on my GoPro, pressed the record button, and off I went. It was a glorious morning, got heaps of awesome footage while exercising and I even took a selfie near the end of the run:

My and my new GoPro in action

Oh yea and morning stretchies! My morning face doesn't demonstrate how happy I was HAHA!

So when I got home and connected my GoPro to see what I had captured (about 30 minutes worth of morning awesomeness), I was shocked and distraught at what I found:

Left: What my GoPro looked like
Right: What my GoPro should have looked like if it was recording


Oh wells, at least I got a run in, and hey; there's always tomorrow! :)

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