Monday, February 11, 2013

Xing Nian Kuai Le!

Hi Anna :)

Have you ever eaten or made konnyaku jelly?
I made it for the first time the other day for Chinese New Year. It comes in a packet and it really was simple to make. I suppose you can't really go wrong when all you're doing is boiling contents from a sachet and pouring it into a mould. I added red colouring and a tin of longans for a bit of CNY flamboyance.

Konnyaku jelly, where have you been all my life?

Apart from the eating, I thought it was a good idea to get out and see the CNY fair in Northbridge. It was a scorching day and we didn't last long in the heat. Ended up trying out desserts in MeetFresh which turned out to be a better idea.

Curious kids.
Dashes of red for luck. Welcoming the Year of the Snake. Another one of my maxi skirts.
Adorable little girl getting her ang bao from Chai Shen Yeh. (I think that's how you say it. He's the god of wealth?  Good grief, I need to brush up on my culture) I use to have little wooden shoes when I was about her age and mine had little bells inside the heels that jingle. Hers look like they could too!
New Year costume parade. I saw a mixture of Vietnamese and Chinese costumes. I'm unsure which country the two males far left is representing.

I am not surprised at all that you spent your weekend at the beach. Only you would be skilled enough to capture yourself and maneuver on your board. I went to the beach on Saturday too and was stung by jellies. However I refused to get out  until a much larger jelly got me and pretty much wrapped it's tentacles across my upper thigh.Now I have these ghastly red welts on my legs and photos to prove it, but wouldn't be very nice for the world wide web to see.

I'm impressed with how committed you are with your exercising and I hope you have a relaxing week :)

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