Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong xi fa cai Chia!

Happy Chinese New Year!

The CNY celebrations started at Kev's place with his family. We had a delicious huge dinner where Kev's mom layered numerous dishes into one serving bowl! I quite like this concept as it's like the deeper you go, the more interesting food you will get!

How have your CNY celebrations been so far?

Besides CNY dinner at Kev's place, the other highlight was more beaching! Today Clem, Kev and I hit the water with our boards again. This time however, Clem brought some thirst quenching drinks to enjoy in the warm sun!

Cool friends on a hot day.

Everyone is taking advantage of the weather!

As CNY lasts for a few weeks, I am sure that there will be more CNY festivities to post about! :)

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