Sunday, February 3, 2013

Photo editing fun

Hi Anna :)

I've been having fun with some apps.
Yesterday I came across WigBoothCam. It's not the best quality but it was rather amusing experimenting with various looks.

I want red hair!
This morning I also found another app. This one is XnView Fx. I have no experience in photo editing whatsoever, and it was fun pretending I knew what I was doing. It's so easy to use, and I guess like art, everyone has their own preference. My favourite are the vintage and light effects. I tried to select pictures which you've never seen before just to make things interesting.

Hampstead Heath. Trying to depict nostalgia and serenity using frame and sepia effect.

Pipito and me. Black and white and vignetting

After our jazz night. A whole heap of effects I can't remember. The softening reminds me of loveghettys.

After the beach. Light effect

Snowboarding in Lancelin. Another light effect

Popsicles at Lancelin. Light spots

Picnic in Kings Park. Crackle paint

City views from Kings Park. My favourite! This made the original look significantly better.

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