Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jazzy fun times!

Hey Chia!

Your sketches are cool. They look like you haven't lifted your pencil off the page! Of course I am strongly drawn to the coloured ones as they are just so pretty and vibrant! I am a big fan of the fish and the Aussie bush! Keep posting your art work! I enjoy looking at them absorbing all the colours into my memory!

The filtered pics are pretty neat! I giggled at the wig/hair one! Very interesting seeing what you would look like with that hair style! Are you going to dye your hair red? You can be like Ariel, the Little Mermaid!


Thanks for posting the photos of our Thursday night. I don't really have much to add to your post as you have pretty much summed up the night! The best I can do is just add further photos taken from my camera!

My lovely date!

Entering the fun, quirky and cool Fringe World

Us all Jazzed up around the art gallery

Distorted mirror shot

Moonlighting at the Ellington Jazz Club

We are very red!

Thank you for coming with me to see Nicola Milan perform at the Ellington Jazz club! I've been wanting to see her perform for a while, and so I was so happy that you were able to be my date at such a whim! It was such a last minute thing, and I was semi stressed out about what to wear for the night given that the theme was "Vintage Jazz Glamour".  Like you, I ended up finding bits and pieces that I had collected over the years to put something together.

Nicola has such a rich and sensual voice which I adore! I can only wish that I could sing anything near that! Her song 'Take your Chances' is so sexy and I just feel like slowly prowling around the room like cat to the beat.  I found that while I was driving home after her performance, I had her happy and catchy song 'Little Rendezvous' in my head!

I hope you had just as much fun as I did!

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