Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day rewind

Aren't you a lucky ducky Anna? That is a very clever card Kev made you :) Proven skills for a surgeon right there. I'm glad my card was to your liking too. Hallmark has nothing on us Kev! Plus I can't believe how expensive cards can be! $9.99 for a bit of diamantes and embossing? Hrm...

So it's Valentines and it's been a lonnnnng while since I've had anything close to a romantic one. However today was romantic thanks to you and some fro yo :D Love our fro yo dates even if it's for a short while.

My love
We LOVE fro yo!
Is it strange that I'm getting my jollies from hearing and seeing what people do for Valentine's? I was driving and I saw a man with a dozen helium love hearty balloons that he was trying to contain inside a huge plastic bag. He was also trying to catch the bus! I hope the lucky lady was delighted by them. If only I could find out...

I'd best describe my previous Valentine's Day as adventurous and fun! I managed to cross off two things I've always wanted to do.  Learn to surf and test out the buoyancy in the Dead Sea.

Valentine's  2012
On this day I enjoyed my new addiction to flat bread and hummus for breakfast with Lauren in Amman, Jordan.
Then on our way to Petra, we stopped by the Dead Sea and were thrilled to bits how buoyant we were.

Valentine's 2011

On this day I woke up ridiculously early for my third day of surfing lessons in Bali.
I don't know if I ever mentioned my hot surf instructor Ketut. Yes as in 'Ketut and Rhonda'. Except of course this Ketut is exceptionally good looking. Waking up at 5am has has never been that easy!

Lastly, isn't this cute?

Oh and I love Google's interactive banner. I've been clicking to see how the animals would celebrate their Valentine's! Funny stuff.

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