Thursday, February 7, 2013

That Little Town

Hi Anna!

Yesterday I finally went on that drive to the 'country' to explore That Little Town I told you about,  2.5 hours east out of Perth (3 hours for dilly dally me).

 I left the house at 930am mentally prepared for a day of driving Unfortunately no one could accompany me on my little adventure but that was OK because I amused myself discovering various radio channels. Even Spice Girls If You Wanna Be My Lover was played. We all know I don't do karoake, but the fresh air must've cleared out my lungs because I thought I sounded top notch.

On the way I stopped by another little town called Dowerin and had a little popsicle break.

Of course I had to have one of these!
 It wasn't hot in the morning and it was rather pleasant having the window halfway down but I was envious when I saw an elderly couple cruise past in their red convertible. To amuse myself I thought I could pretend I was in one by winding both windows all the way down. At 110km it was fun until my almost empty tissue box started flapping about in the car and the inconvenience of cleaning up bugs splattered on the inside of the back window occured to me. So that was short lived.

I'm also one of those that love to take in scenery and easily delighted by wide open spaces even if it's scorched land and more scorched land with trees. It's a personal challenge to be constantly looking for interesting things along the way. The most interesting sighting would be the signs of towns that I drove past. Did you know that Goomalling is town of possums? And Dowerin of dogs? There was this two metre high corroded statue of a dog that made me want to halt the car and snap it for you.

At half past noon, I reached That Little Town. It took me less than a minute to find what I was looking for. The town is little indeed. Did you know in small towns, you can win awards for being the most tidiest town? I don't know how they judge this and it must be tough because all the towns seemed spotless to me!

How cute! I suspect they don't have door numbers.  They just go by colours with fancy names like The Salmon Pink House.
On the way back I thought I'd drive through Northam and see what the town is like. Nothing out of the ordinary except it was larger than I expected. I didn't think I'd see a Woolies AND a Coles. Lawn ornaments in front of a B & B was an unusual sight.
And this little piggy mowed the lawn all day long.
"Out of the way!" cried Triceratops "I'm not moo-ving" replied the Cow.

I knew driving would be exhausting but it didn't get to me until the end of the drive and I felt like I could really do with a break. I  pulled over at Bakers Hill pie shop for a pie and something sweet.

They sell the best pies!
Chunky beef pie that won by over by the huge chunks of beef and the flakiest pastry. 

That something was very sweet with home made cookie too, but nowhere as good as Christina's version.

I finally reached home at about 4pm and the sleep fairy caught me within minutes. I think this is the beginning of my country drives. Now let me close my eyes and point on a map...

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