Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sunrise & Moonset

Morning Chia

A photo from this morning!

Its when you say hello to the new day and goodbye to yesterday's worries!

On another note, I mourn the loss of your caterpillar friend, but I can't help but love your post! It was so cute and funny... in a sad way.

So in respectful memory of your many-legged friend, lets explore his life.

He was munching away at your plant. Kept you company, was safe. What more could a little caterpillar want?

The more probing question is what would have been the driving force behind the caterpillar's decision to jump off its wonderful home which was plentiful of fresh and luscious leaves to eat?

Perhaps he was threatened? Or dare I suggest it, pushed.

That smurf looks a little suspicious.

Or maybe he was just sad.

If that was the case, then I guess the lesson here is that the material things in life cannot replace genuine happiness.

Regardless, rest in peace caterpillar.


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