Saturday, February 2, 2013

First life drawing and jazz

Aren't we doing well with our blogging?

Now I'm not very good with keeping up to date with what's going on in Perth, but about a fortnight ago, I was googling art exhibitions and art classes when I came across this one night drawing event held at The Bakery called Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School. I've always wanted to try life drawings and thought this was the perfect opportunity. But of course, to make things interesting, these models are dressed in strange burlesque clothing with odd props. Who comes up with a man operated mechanical ostrich with a teapot beak?

The venue was really clever. Imagine an open rectangular space bordered with sea containers. It reminded  me of Trinity Wharf in London where  sea containers have been transformed  into buildings. Could this be the answer to cheaper Perth housing?

Surrounded by sea containers. Sketchers getting ready.

I suspected we weren't allowed to take photos of the models.There were six characters, and my favourite one had a rubber mask on with a fusion of frog/troll/chameleon/lizard features going on.  It was a very intense 2 hours, and we started off with a 2 minute time limit for each pose, and eventually progressed to 15 minutes. Talk about pressure! Christina and I were concentrating hard and it really was a race against time to sketch everything I wanted.  You've seen my colour pencil sketches and they take at least three hours to complete anCjd of course this pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Not only that, but the host was intrusive and talked incessantly, throwing jokes and insults whilst he Iwas walking around surveying what people were drawing. It was a really hilarious and unusual experience and one I'm glad I went to.

My favourite character. Hope he doesn't give you nightmares.

This was the final pose with all 6 characters posing on stage. Man on bottom right was very good looking. Use your imagination :)
I really need to develop my skill in drawing people but I'm not in a real hurry because it's currently not my main focus currently. I love drawing nature because it's pleasing to the eye and more forgiving if you make mistakes.

I spent tonight not drawing, but PAINTING! Found my old watercolours and experimented with them. Below is my second attempt of a glassy eye snapper.

This looks very oriental. Ignore that orange splodge. The paint tube exploded on me.

Does this look familiar? It's based on the same coral reef picture that I used for my drawing.
  I am certain that painting this cooled me down on a hot summer's night.
The drawing version that I started at Christina's place.

Good ol Aussie bush and water reflection.

 That's three paintings in a night. Can't say I've done that before.

Here's a sneaky peek of our Vintage Glam Jazz night! My first live jazz experience! I'll let you fill in the rest for our lovely readers :)
Nibbles and cocktail at Bivouac
Hairband that gives you a headache, and necklaces that strain your neck. Oh to look the part!

LOVE this! Flapper queen!

Jazzing away

Thank you for the date! As always, plenty of fun and laughs. Happy weekend ahead :)

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