Friday, February 8, 2013

Bird and Mr Shrimp

Hi Anna :)

Yesterday was Satoko's belated birthday dinner at Merrywell.

Food was delectable! I love finger food and sharing platters. I hate the idea of lining up to order food so a big thanks to Lainy for doing that :) Luckily it wasn't too bad because we went rather early in the evening, however later on a very awkward and unsightly line grew.

I think they just wanted to eat!
Must take photos before food arrives next time.
Someone's going to have really moisturized hands.
Outcome of weekly art class.
Christina drawing and painting away.
IN LOVE with Christina's bird and the luminous effect she achieved.
Cup of tainted water?
Christina worked on one drawing, whilst I experimented with a few.
Mr Shrimp made me laugh with his bulbous eyes and spindly appendages.
So I did a quick line drawing of him and splashed on some colours.
Our lunch, Don't worry, there was half a chicken left.
It's Friday and it's Chinese New Year Eve tomorrow!

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