Monday, April 30, 2012

Romanian bbq and pillow fighting in Ibiza

Hi Anna

Thanks for taking the time to blog :) You know how much your blogs make me smile. At first glance I thought the necklace were made from peas! hehe! The photos of Yallingup are beautiful and you're very lucky to spot the dolphin. I think it adds to the magical moment to witness something alone. It's like your little private secret.

Yesterday marked one year in London. Amazing huh? So many things have happened and it is the strangest the way things have turned out. The work, the friends, the life, the houses, the places, the sights, the travels, the ups, the downs, the adventures..the MEN! I spend a lot of time pondering over this when I am sweating it out in the gym. As of this month, internet dating is over. My membership expires mid May and I have no interest in renewing it. But I am sure there will still be some stories though...

Fingers crossed I may be in KL in August. I haven't told my parents anything yet. Maybe because I don't want to get their hopes high that I'm moving back closer to home. Strange how I'm quite happy to announce it to the world yet keep it unknown to them. It's the way I roll!

Last night was Sanda's birthday. The best thing about having a party in the house is that you can walk upstairs and straight into bed! There was so much Romanian food and I was pretty much eating and drinking and blasted with Romanian disco music. It was the worst weather ever for a bbq but luckily they set up a gazebo in the yard.

Group pic with the birthday girl. Cake must've been too heavy for smiling lol. Baby Sebby takes all the attention!
Cute Sebby!

Pene's turn! There was plenty of  wanting babies talk going between us.

The detox drink not. Pretending to like the mojito that one of the guests prepared haha! Blended up mint is not a good idea!
Those hand rolled minced sausages were yum!
Our makeshift bbq in the backyard. This is how they do it in London/Romania. Umbrella for the rain, chair to the right and bbq levelled at chair height. Note the coat. It was FREEZING outside. If you know me, I was actually just posing for the photo. I spent about 2 minutes here only because the man in charge was on a toilet break lol!

I just went through our Spain pics again just so I can see your cheeky smile! I think we agreed not to publish the collection of our pillow fight in Ibiza but looking at these again, how could we not?!
Whoa we're in IBIZA!
Whoa! We're pillow fighting!
Oh boy!!! I'm very excited where I'll be next and fingers crossed we can share more madness abroad!Have a good week and please pray for sunny weather for my sanity :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quiet time

Hi Chia!

Sorry I've been absent.

I just want to say that you look gorgeous in your photos! It some how reminded me of 'mod' style fashion! Love love love! Wish I was there all dressed up and hitting up L-Town!

Your Venus fly trap looks awesome, did it end up digesting the fly?

I've been having some down time which has been a refreshing change. I have been happily playing my ukulele and writing to try and figure out what I want out of life.

However, since I don't really have anything on at the moment, I'll post up some photos of my Easter Weekend in Yallingup.

Earring and a tree necklace that Kev got me! Spoiled!

Rocks on Yallingup beach!

Long waves. 

Peaceful walk from beach to apartment

Our snack!


I love our balcony!

Kev and I pretty much just chilled out, watched movies and enjoyed the quiet. I played the ukulele, sketched a bit and Kev read a little.

One awesome thing that made my day was seeing a dolphin surf the waves at Yallingup beach! It was amazing! Kev and I were sitting on the rocks and I saw this wave approach, and I randomly saw this black/grey thing at the bottom of the wave near the rocks. I was thinking, 'shet, this surfer is really pushing it.' But then as the wave grew, the sunset made the wave tube go all translucent and I saw this long grey thing shoot straight through the barrel and then explode out of the wave! It was a dolphin! And it had such a hang time that it wiggled it's tail. I went spastic! And Kev had no idea what I was going on about, until I told him.

He was a little sad that he missed out, but, I just kept telling him over and over again exactly what I saw, in hopes that he would capture 'the' moment in his mind... tee hee hee..

Anyways, until next time Chia!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Be back soon

Hi Chia

Sorry for not blogging. I'll be back soon. Promise.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Flying insects

Hi Anna

I just got back from meeting up with Chrissy and Alex! It was so good to see her and it was like a bit of Perth brought to me :) I'm very excited that she's moving here to London too.

Last night after making pizza and wining and dining at home with Lauren we went to Porterhouse, a pub in Covent Garden (which will now be known as omg-this-place-has-eye-candy-everywhere-I-don't-lnow-where-to-look) for an ex colleague's birthday. We were both tired and we headed home before midnight! Can you believe it? Even though the place was swarming with the most eye candy we've ever seen in our lifetime in one spot. If anyone was single and in London, I'd take them right there! I was so tired and almost fell asleep on the tube. We were moaning the whole night about how cold it was for spring and how we miss wearing heels because back home we don't have to walk far to get home because usually someone will be driving or we would sober up and drive home but then we saw numerous girls wearing short skirts, no tights, no jacket and teetering around in tiny sky high stilettos in 5 degrees temperature. One thing that will mystify me forever is how on earth do they do it? It was nice to  stay up and chat although it wasn't my best texting going on as I was half falling asleep.

Eggplant, onion, feta pizza slabs. Had them cold for breakky today and they were even better! haha!
I wore this dress I bought a while ago but never had the chance to wear it. It was really tight when I first tried it on but thankfully the gym sessions have paid off and this time around it was less snug. I'm very pleased by these photos because my eye make up looks decent and the lighting is flattering. Not to mention that it's a little blurry and hides my post winter blemishes. This is rare to come by so I had to snap up a few pics. Felt a bit stupid lying on a rug but I am in love with it!

 My Venus fly trap isn't looking too happy. I don't know if it's because it hasn't caught any insects. I feel bad for having them in my room because it's not like there is much insect activity going on in here. Worse is, I am on a constant look out for bugs. I saw a fruit fly look a like by my window but couldn't bring myself to kill it. Argh! There was also a tiny spider in the bathroom but I couldn't kill that either. Finally I spotted something flying in my room and halfheartedly tried to catch it in my fist and I actually got it. So in it went but I had to brush my finger across the filaments to get it to close. I wonder how it will look after it's done 'eating' it.

Another weekend gone and another week. Almost the end of April. Next week is my LONDONVERSARY!

Miss you and thinking about you xoxoxoxox

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ups and downs

Hi Anna!

Another weekend is here.

This week has gone by so quickly. There has been a few ups and downs along the way. I know I got a bit annoyed at you and I didn't want to blog. I think I was annoyed at the whole world for a bit and then I realised I was being silly because I was just in the mood wanting to be annoyed and making a mountain out of a molehill. Of course I woke up the next morning and realised how stupid it was!

The weather hasn't been conducive for rollerblading and it's been more than a week since I've felt the closest to feeling superhuman. Yes there's something about racing down the roads of Serpentine River in Hyde Park that makes me feel a superhero and a window of escape.

I spent a lot of time updating my CV. It's strange looking at all the dates and all the things I've done in between. I forgot I once worked in agriculture counting insects and doing odd research projects here and there. I've been drowned in exciting thoughts about the future. A few things to consider. Am I ready to come home to Perth? I think deep down I know what I want and I'm not ready to announce that yet.

I wandered into Top Shop yesterday. I realised I have too many things from Top Shop and need to stop spending especially since I haven't been working. I also wandered around China Town and bought some seaweed to make sushi perhaps next weekend, and also duck rice! It was just what I needed to satisfy my huge Chinese craving. I haven't had rice in ages and those fluffy white grains were delectable and I really could've just eaten it on it's own. Strange.

Last night I got a booty text by a particular drunk guy that I met ages ago. I hope you're laughing because I certainly was. It was phrased rather bluntly. I hadn't heard from him for a month or more, and there is no need to speculate because nothing happened apart from a no thank you, and I continued lying in bed watching 2 Broke Girls. I tell you, guys in London are.. different. I think it's the opposite of Perth. The anonymity allows men to get away with all sorts.

Oh dear. Just deleted the photos off my iphone that I was going to upload. There goes a week of photos. I had photos of my Romanian housemateshosting a Romanian Easter and the glorious feast they laid out for their friends. The only photo from Instagram. I really wanted to show you pics of my housemates too! Nevermind, next weekend is Sanda's birthday bbq but I'll have to make sure I don't delete my photos.

Anyyway, getting back in shape for summer and time to hit the gym. A couple of cute trainers there too. Clever recruitment move gym. It sure makes me look forward to working out!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photos over the Easter break

Hi Anna

Easter school break will be over this Monday. That means back to supply work and you know how much I dislike it at times.

I haven't blogged in ages and plenty has happened since then. I can't even remember where to start! The fact that I put up some photos on FB and Instagram probably give you an idea of what I've been doing.

I like lists.. so I'm going to give you an extensive list of things I've been doing!


Been cooking/ baking for people and also cooked for!

Forget the name of this dish but it was cooked by Jmi (on the left) to celebrate Lauren moving into her new room.  Enzo in the middle is one of Lauren's housemate and is the most enthusiastic person I've ever met.

Been invited to a dinner party organised by Bonnie and her rollerblading group. Spot my savoury capsicum muffins!

Bladed until my left foot has a blister and it still hasn't healed after 2 weeks :/ This was taken today when we were texting. Hyde Park is becoming my second home now.

Had my first skateboarding lesson with a 21 year old a while back. Remember the guy who sold me my blades?  He thought I was around his age but hey anything to cross off something from my bucket list! I thought I was quite good and didn't fall with my purple ballet flats, not the ideal skating shoes.

Rearranged and redecorated my room too many times but finally got some photos developed. Theme is photos of friends and places I've been with them. One pic is not, but I love that photo! He he!

Gone shopping a bit too much. Really retail therapy helps for about a day or two.. but that is better than nothing!

Bought a new wallet from Michael Kors to replace my old one that I love so much but has gotten to the point of looking a bit scrappy to use. I was debating over this but the customer service was terrible, and it was a little bit big and steep :( Regardless, I love the shape and delicate size of it. Plus the colours on the inside and the coin purse can be removed from the back. BUT I'm going to keep dreaming about the Prada one!

Ignore the strange alignment of all my pictures.. I can't quite get blogger to line them up and it's driving me mad!

Also a gorgeous floral rug from because they had a sale. Definitely working the garden look.

Bought more plants including my beloved Venus fly trap. So far none of them have caught any bugs themselves and I thought I could, but I struggled to bring myself to kill this little flying insect I spotted in my room. Sorry traps, you're on your own.

Been garnishing all my meals with basil or coriander picked straight from the window sill. My mini herb garden in the kitchen.

Enjoyed the gorgeous scent in my room thanks to the pair of pink hyacinths that Pene bought for me! I am a big fan of these!!!!

Tried interesting things from the local international supermarket. It's called Way2save, and when I first heard of it I thought no way was I going to buy anything from there, but seriously they have products from Hungary to India! I've been getting my pita bread and hummus for breakky from there!

Anchovies are fine.

Pate in little tins are attractive but not buying them ever again!I couldn't even read the labels but I spent a good 20 minutes pretending I could and deciding which type I wanted judging from how pretty the packaging was.

Will be buying these jackfruit in a tin again. Never have I tried them from a tin and was very eager to dig in I opened it upside down :/

Laughed out loud and thought of you and Mr D when I saw this. Did you know you can buy a DIY ukelele that comes in a box everything included and if you're really clever- it comes out looking like this:

Had another laugh when I received your card made from elephant poo! Sorry but there is definitely something lingering there! Before I read what you wrote, I caught a whiff of something lol! Will try and get a pic of me wearing the earrings. It's been ages since I've worn dangling ones so this will be a fun challenge :) Your gifts brought back happy memories of Cambodia :)

Lastly, been staying up way past my bed time of 10pm and catching up on episodes of Desperate Housewives, New Girl (if you haven't seen this, DOWNLOAD!! I want to be Jess and live with three hot guys!!!) and Homeland.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The harder mornings

Morning Chia!

Sorry it has been a while since I've posted. With Easter break and all, I've just haven't gotten around to sitting down to write. Also, this week has just flown by!

So I thought I'd write about my morning. It's one of ' 'those' mornings where I've woken up with body all sore from the previous days and head heavy from a terrible sleep. Had a lot of dreams last night, however I can't remember any specifics. All I know, is that it was stressful.

I'm currently squished on the train, listening to someone's music which is blasting through their headphones. Luckily it's upbeat.

What I am currently thinking- got to finish that advice; man I am so sore; shoulders back; do I want to go to Pilates tonight? If I don't, I'll have to drive in peak traffic; god I am tired; den-den-den, den-den-den, den-DEN-den, DEN-denden... The song I am currently learning on Ookiedoba; tunnel... Tunnel...

Need to get off at this stop...

Just walked by the cutest coffee and gelato stall:

I had the yummiest vanilla and raspberry swirl gelato from this cute stall during my lunch yesterday with our buddy, Clem. I am thinking that I'll try another flavour today too.


Just realised that I don't have lunch today... What shall I eat? Wait a minute! I have cottage cheese at the office. Going to duck into here:

Hrmmm something healthy?

Oh and now here:

With lunch all sorted, I'm now walking to work. Feeling a little more awake now. Still pooped though.

Hope you have a great night Chia!