Thursday, April 12, 2012

The harder mornings

Morning Chia!

Sorry it has been a while since I've posted. With Easter break and all, I've just haven't gotten around to sitting down to write. Also, this week has just flown by!

So I thought I'd write about my morning. It's one of ' 'those' mornings where I've woken up with body all sore from the previous days and head heavy from a terrible sleep. Had a lot of dreams last night, however I can't remember any specifics. All I know, is that it was stressful.

I'm currently squished on the train, listening to someone's music which is blasting through their headphones. Luckily it's upbeat.

What I am currently thinking- got to finish that advice; man I am so sore; shoulders back; do I want to go to Pilates tonight? If I don't, I'll have to drive in peak traffic; god I am tired; den-den-den, den-den-den, den-DEN-den, DEN-denden... The song I am currently learning on Ookiedoba; tunnel... Tunnel...

Need to get off at this stop...

Just walked by the cutest coffee and gelato stall:

I had the yummiest vanilla and raspberry swirl gelato from this cute stall during my lunch yesterday with our buddy, Clem. I am thinking that I'll try another flavour today too.


Just realised that I don't have lunch today... What shall I eat? Wait a minute! I have cottage cheese at the office. Going to duck into here:

Hrmmm something healthy?

Oh and now here:

With lunch all sorted, I'm now walking to work. Feeling a little more awake now. Still pooped though.

Hope you have a great night Chia!

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