Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lucky week


Busy busy little fun bee! Rollerblading how fun! I think that is a great idea to get some fresh air and exercise. However, I didn't realise how great it would be for socialising! I hope you have plenty more adventures zooming around the parks in London.

I really love your drawing of the bird, its beautiful and I love the colours and your pencil work! =)

It looks like you are on a flying start to following through your goals so far. I believe that if you are able to rollerblade and draw every day, you will be able to obtain that balance that you were blogging about earlier.

Geez, to draw an hour a day will be therapeutic I say!

I have found happiness in ensuring I have a little bit of creativity every day. Ookiedoba as been wonderful company for when I am sick or just passing time between chores on the weekend, or before sleep. I am no pro, but I find that listening to the cute happy tunes that sing out of my uke, makes me simply happy; a child-like happiness, and I definitely think I need to keep it in my life to keep me being me when things get too serious.

I felt even more validated when I came across Jake Shimabukuro, a famous ukulele musician and found that his philosophy was:

"The ukulele is the instrument of peace - and if everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place."

This made me smile! SMILE SMILE SMILE because I already knew that, and it just made me feel even more right about loving the ukulele.

Other than my ramblings, things have been quite slow this week.

On Wednesday night I went to volleyball, and Els came to me with a square box wrapped in white. It was a belated Christmas present, which she had been meaning to give to me! When I opened it, I was delighted to see a cute fuchsia coloured piggy bank! I actually already got one from Kev about 2 years ago, in a pink colour, but I figured that I can always save more!

My cute pigs helping me save! Thanks Els!
Lucky tally = 1

Besides volleyball, I haven't done any other exercise, so I have started to feel gross. I definitely felt squishier around my belly which made me sad.

However, yesterday morning when I stepped on the scales expecting to have gained weight from my inactivity, to my surprise this was not so. In fact, I had dropped a kilo since the last time I weighed myself! Weeee!  

Lucky tally = 2

Then yesterday after work, when I got home I found a package on my desk addressed to me, sent from the UK! When I opened it, I was surprised with beautiful gifts from Petra!

Totally loving the necklace and book mark! Thanks Chia!
I felt loved! And I admittedly sniffed the bookmark to see if I could catch a whiff any lingering smells of Jordan. Unfortunately, I only smelt cardboard box. 

Lucky Tally = 3

And today, I was supposed to go play indoor soccer this afternoon, but due to some mix ups, I was unable to go... however, Kev came by my place surprised me with a new friend:

Meet Gerry The Giraffe! =)

Lucky tally = 4

This is only the beginning of the weekend, so it is definitely off to a great start!

Keep us posted about your drawing and rollerblading adventures! Also about any skateboarding experiences!

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