Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Teaching delights

Hi Anna

I wanted to blog to tell you some happy things :)

Yesterday and today I worked in a school with the same Year One class. They are gorgeous children and at the end of the first day I could memorize almost all 30 children names to faces! I amuse myself and also the children when we sit on the carpet and I go through their names. It was tough getting back into work on Monday but I'm glad I decided to call up the agency for work because once I got to the school, my teacher mode clicked in and I really enjoyed myself!

I've been to the school a few times before and I love it because it is a new school and it's got a really lovely vibe. I like using the toilets too because it always smells like vanilla and coconut. Haha! Reminds me of tropical islands, pina coladas, warm sea breeze and sand between your toes. Last time I was there about 4 months ago, they were incubating chicken eggs and they were just hatching out! Absolutely fascinating and the most coolest project ever!

Believe it or not, yesterday I took the children for gymnastics! All 29 6 year olds! The problem with supply teaching is that more than half the time there is no plan to work with and you just have to make things up or ask the children/ teaching assistants to find out more. Anyway, it was my first time doing gymnastics and a lot of fun! They had awesome balancing and climbing apparatus and it was really cute watching them show me what they could do. I asked them to think of three moves. First they had to do a balancing pose, then they had to move across the balance apparatus, and finished off with another balancing pose. Very amusing! I did kick off my ballet flats that I was wearing to do a few demos. Mind you I was wearing a dress and tights so I was a little restricted but they understood what I wanted them to do. Haha!

Phonics this afternoon was interrupted by a fire drill and I was very proud of the children for lining up sensibly and following my instructions. Luckily this morning the  maintenance manager popped in to give me a quick briefing about the fire evacuation plan. I didn't really think much about it until I heard the alarm and realised he was giving me a heads up and that was very nice of him. Actually the staff at the school are the nicest I've come across when I do supply work.

There were two other hilarious things that made my day. I had a  mum tell me this morning that I was the most exciting thing that happened to her daughter Sade who is of mixed African/English race. Apparently Sade has a fascination-near-obsession with Chinese people and she couldn't stop talking about having a Chinese teacher. Hilarious!!!! I've had similar responses like that to children and I'm starting to believe that I'm the only Chinese teacher in London. Ah.. and  Mohamed, 6 years old, brown curly hair, bright brown eyes, rosey cheeks, handsome fella said to me:  "Miss Ooi, I think you are beautiful". That totally melted me right on the spot! Sweetest thing ever because it was random and he was so sincere about it! I wouldn't mind having 30 of children like him in a class :)

It's also nice to be told when you do a great job and to be requested to come back. The teaching assistant told me that she was amazed at how much control I had with the children and that the children really enjoyed having me. I have really bad teaching days and sometimes you just get so caught up with the downs that you think you're not doing enough for the children so it is really delightful to hear positive feedback.
Unfortunately I won't be working at the school tomorrow because the teacher I'm covering will probably back from sick leave but tomorrow I will be working at another school that I've never been to before.

I hope you enjoyed reading my teaching adventures on your way to work :)

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