Thursday, March 15, 2012

The closest to heading home

Hi Anna!

I know my blog is long overdue. I didn't want to blog because I was feeling a bit down lately. Luckily I'm finally back up and I have some exciting news to share with you.

Quite a few things have happened and if you asked me a couple of weeks ago I was pretty much the lowest I've been since moving here. Firstly when I got back from Jordan, I found out that the landlord was renovating and increasing the rent. This meant that I had less than a month to find a new place. Leaving beautiful leafy posh Hampstead? No way. I imagined myself living here right until my visa ended.

Also, I never thought I'd get holiday blues and I've always blamed it on tiredness, but now I realise that I actually do and the news caught me at a bad time.  Additionally, a few days later I find out that a lady from maternity was returning and the school was over stretched with their budget and they had to let me go. (I've been assured it's not my performance.. hmm..) Things were definitely not looking all that great with the hunt for a new place and work. Strangely enough, after I got over the shock, I was actually quite excited. I thought wow, this is the perfect time to head back home. I thought about it for a good few days, looked up flights, figured out when it was cheapest to leave- a week before/ after Easter break, cheapest courier service to send things back, etc. I started creating a mental checklist of things to do before I wrapped it all up and headed back home. Out of percentages, I was close to 90% Perth bound. I even told my younger brother that I was coming home and made him promise not to tell my parents until I actually bought the tickets. No point in getting them excited if I change my mind.Which of course- I did.

 But you know what? It's friends like you that made me stay and keep me going when I'm down in the dumps. I'm glad I had those friends when I needed them. Now I'm feeling more positive and I am 100% confident with my decision. Think summer. Think more travels. Think Olympics. Think once in a life time opportunity. You're right Anna. This is a once in a life time opportunity. You said it all   and now I am here, still going and I'd like to tell you that just a few hours ago I was handed they keys to my new place!! After numerous dreadful viewings consisting of mould in ceilings, musty smells, creaky floorboards that could possibly fall through at any point, empty liquor bottles displayed proudly like trophies and what could easily pass as a drug dealer's place.. I finally found a place that I wanted to move in today.

Here is a pic of the room. It's about half of  what you can see. Can't wait to do it up!!! The landlord gave me the keys straight away too. I'm amazed what a great impression I give to people! Did I tell you that the other landlord from another place that I wanted to rent (but then he gave the room to two friends because he had two rooms to rent) but he ended up asking me out on what seems like a date?  I've replied his messages, but so far we haven't met up. I'm a little suss with his intentions. Maybe it's a London man thing? Will keep you posted on that one.

Mine all mine!!

Benny is moving to London in May and I cannot wait. It will be really nice to have some family here and I think it is a great idea because he's young and has the travel bug.  I am eager to move in and I feel like it's almost too good to be true that things are working out again. For those that have visited me, you can already see that the room is huge and I hope that it will entice some of you to visit me if you haven't done so :) I shall blog more about the place when I move in this Saturday. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by sharing the good news a bit early.

 I will be extremely sad to leave Hampstead, but I am excited about living somewhere totally different. And I mean totally different- almost the opposite. Forget mums in designer outfits pushing designer outfitted babies in their super buggies with their designer dogs looking dashing in their designer doggy outfits. Forget Mercedes, BMW, Maseratis, Ferraris etc lined outside the streets of huge white multimillion mansions. Forget bumping into Ricky Gervais (maybe I have, because I have no idea how he looks like until I just googled him a second ago) More importantly, forget my chances of meeting a millionaire sugar daddy. (Did you know that Hampstead has the highest percentage of multimillionaires?!!!)

Anyway, that is a whole lot of happenings for me. I am sad that I won't get to see you and Perthians for a while. But I know that everything will be OK and it's not too long until I'm back home. I've almost been here for a year!!!!

Tell me more news about you. Hearing some Perth news always cheers me up especially photos of you and Perth! Can't wait to see some sunny scenery and beach photos!  How is your morning exercise going??? I wish I had a dog to take for walks! Not to mention a beautiful coast. I almost want to roll out a yoga mat and meditate and that's saying a lot considering I've only done yoga once and never meditated.

Hope to hear from you soon!! MUAH!

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