Thursday, March 29, 2012

A fine balance

Hi Anna

Welll I haven't been working at all this week. Reminds me why I dislike supply work so much. Anyway I know I should embrace the freedom but I think that work and teaching is really important to me and without it I feel a tad lost and miserable!

Pene has been dealing with all my moans and groans too and she was kind enough to meet up at Hampstead today during her lunch break. It felt odd to be back there again and walking past my old flat. I looked up and the windows were open. Some lucky person is living in there now :( We bought lunch from a local cafe and walked to the edge of the heath and sat basking in the sun. Today is the warmest it has been! A whole 22C! Almost as warm as it will be soon in Perth according to the forecast temperatures. Would've posted a pic of us but the pics I took were TERRIBLE! Sorry Pene you looked gorgeous though :P

Love Pene's cowboy boots!
Anyway, I read somewhere that in order for a person to be content with daily life, a combination of physical/ creative/ educational/ social/ work/ imaginative/ spiritual activity. I think my balance is all over the place in particular the physical and creative activity. Today onwards I am going to make sure if I am not working, I will try and do a bit of all of them.  After talking to Pene, I thought that it was time I did something about the physical part and so after I got home, I decided to join the gym. The gym is a small family operated one that I googled online. It is rather near to Notting Hill and I caught the bus there but because there was plenty of sun and I was in no hurry to get home, I decided to walk home when I finished up. There is a gradual change of nice area to not-so-nice during the half hour walk. It felt fantastic to sweat it all out on cardio. No idea about the weights and all the other equipment. I would much rather be outdoors when it's sunny but I really like running on the treadmill because it is consistent and no cars/dogs/people to dodge and there is definitely no excuse for not exercising when it is cloudy/ rainy now.

I also created my own muffin recipe. Banana, pecans and dessicated coconut muffins.That was my creative activity for yesterday :) I am so addicted to the smell and taste of coconut!

I've just decided that if I don't have work tomorrow, I am going to buy a pair of rollerblades and be a master of the wheels! I haven't done it in ages and I hope to be practicing this summer until I am an expert and zipping around without any broken bones I hope! There is even a rollerblading club at a few parks! I can't wait to join... sounds a lot more fun than a running club. After hearing you and Mr D play the ukelele I feel like I need to master something. Keep you posted on this!

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