Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hi Chia!

I am blogging on my way to work as I your last two posts have made me super happy!

I love the way you've started to do your room up! And I love your floral stuff! It's not the kind of thing that I would initially look at, as I seem to be attracted to bold colours etc, but the patterns from Cath Kidson really appealed to me. They are so sweet and pretty looking, and I think the vintage look is really beginning to appeal to me.

So I just loved looking at her stuff on the web, each thing just reminded me of you! Perhaps that is why I have start liking this kind of stuff? :)

I also love your teaching stories! How wonderful they are! Children are so precious! :) Your work sound so rewarding!

Here, the only thing that has happened to me is that my office continues to be freezing cold. So cold that I am wearing a cardigan, jacket, pashmina and gloves, and I am still freezing. I've been in that office for three weeks now, and it's getting unbearable. I get headaches and weird chills from being in the cold. People in the office call it' the refrigerator,' which it is, as anything that I bring in, drinks or food, actually get chilled. The fridge is warmer!

I was hoping the air-con guys would come in (as they kept on saying they'd come, but then pike out). But now, I'm just going to move my office. I don't care, I'm not sitting in there any more. Last night I felt terrible, I didn't go to boxing as I usually do.

Here's a photo of me being miserably cold:

And my gloves:

On the plus side, it gave me a 'legitimate' excuse to buy a nice jacket and gloves to wear in the office :))

Good night Chia!

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