Monday, March 19, 2012

Moving in


I can't believe how much I've missed blogging and how much I miss reading your blogs! You wouldn't believe how much I was laughing and smiling when I read it as always. It made me want to blog more often :D That was one super blog even if there were some downs.

I love hearing news from you and people that I know and I LOVE that photo of Drew and Katie. Katie looks stunning and oozing elegance in that dress! All of our old group are getting married one by one aren't they? Ah... oh the memories Singapore and all! I think of the Karri Valley memories too! Those were such innocent times. Remember them? ;)

Not to mention the photo of the cutest ukelele player I have ever seen! Reading about Ookiedoba, Taylor Swift and Mr D makes me miss so many things at once and wishing I was there. I think it's the cutest that Mr D has inspired you to play the ukelele. It's hilariously cute the image of both of you strumming away. Envious that you and Mr D have amazing voices and together with Shaz you could work on a ukelele band! Please send a video recording my way :p

All the fun and friends was what I was desperate to come home to when I was having a down time in London. At the same time, I wish I could be there for you when your dad was unwell. I was at school when I got your message and it made me anxious thinking about what you were going through. That triggered some panic for my parents too. It made me think of what I'd do if something like that happened to them. It is frightening and it is more frightening when you live on the other side of the world. I guess you can't worry about it but still have to have it at the back of your mind.

I've been occupied the last few days from packing and unpacking. It definitely takes more time to unpack than pack for some reason. I felt a bit tired from vacuuming the layers of dust and wiping down surfaces because the room was unoccupied for a month and also roomsick, if there is such term? I moved in just before lunch and spent the rest of the day settling in. There are a grand total of 5 other housemates and this is the information I've gathered from bumping into them in the kitchen: one Romanian couple working in hospitality in a hotel, a Vietnamese girl who works as store manager in Forever 21, a Brazillian/German accountant and another Indian man that is away on business and I haven't met yet. The Romanian couple are neat freaks and I am glad of this because at least the communal areas are kept clean and tidy. Nothing worse than a dirty bathroom!

Today was my second day and I slept quite well last night for my first night. I went from a single bed to a king and with all that extra space in a sudden was rather odd and I felt empty. In fact the room is rather empty. I spent the day getting new curtains and matching decor. I've decided to go for the floral fuschia theme. So far it looks like this, but I'm not really happy with it. It is definitely a good distraction from working!

 I went to Cath Kidston store in Selfridges to look for a few things. I love all the floral and polka dot patterns that she uses. I also wanted to print out some black and white photos with friends from travels and was really looking forward to getting them done but I ran out of time. I can't wait to show you the selection of photos that I am going to put up!

Wrapping paper
My new mug

Nothing near what I want it to look like....I really want to paint the walls and get huge vases and pot plants. Would love to get white wash furniture,  but there is no point really since it will need to go when I leave.

On other purchases,  I forgot to post pics of my new Chanel glasses. My old ones were scratched and Pene and I spent ages looking for new frames over a weekend. These are a touch tight on my sides but I love them so much with the discrete gold sides I didn't want to look for new ones.

Have to lose the chumpy cheeks

Ignore dry chaff fingers :(
I hope to be more regular with our blogs. I hope our readers don't give up on us just yet! :)

Have a good Monday xxx

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