Sunday, March 18, 2012

Far from boring

It has been a while hasn't it?

I love your post! It was so inspiring and refreshing and just what we needed!

I am happy that you have finally found a new place and that this is a new beginning for you! A new area to learn about, and a new room to decorate and make it like home!

On my side of things, it has been far from boring- a mixture of happiness and sadness. I'll try and summarise the things that have happened as best as I can.

Taylor Swift Concert
Well, on the Wednesday or Thursday of the week where I had my gardening leave, I was listening to Taylor Swift's new album and was just singing and dancing around the house when I got a message on my gmail. It was one of our mutual friends Mr D, who asked me what I was doing. I have no shame, so I told him exactly what I was doing. My answer was immediately followed with the question 'are you going to the Taylor Swift concert?' I said no, and then was given a warm and enthusiastic invite to join him and his friends to see her on the Friday night; I said YES!

So in one-two days I just listened to TS' new album 'Speak Now' as I had only heard her 'Fearless' album. There were so many great songs that I needed to learn, in so little time.

Anyways, the night was awesome! It started off on a high when Mr D suggested I try a... wait for it, a triple cheeseburger from McDonalds. OH MY LORDY! It was tasty as!

Yum.... three patties and three cheese... 

The concert was so much fun! Mr D's friends were super friendly and awesome fun! I love love love TS even more so now! =D Thank you for inviting me Mr D! Had a great great time! =) Here's some pics of the concert:
Taylor looking right at me!

She's so talented

I wanna be her

So sweet

Love Story!

After the concert, Mr D inspired me to get a ukulele as he was also learning it, and it sounded super sweet and cute. So my hunt was on to find the perfect instrument.

First week at my new job
The next week, I started working at my new firm- so far it has been amazing! I love the people, and I just feel happier overall. It was a changed that I needed, and at this point in time (though it has only been two weeks) I think that I will definitely be staying here for a while. The only down is that my office is super cold. Apparently, someone had put a thermometer in there, which gave a reading of 16 degrees! I definitely have felt it, as I wear a cardigan, a jacket, a scarf and gloves during the day. They are looking to fix the temperature though, and I am also considering of moving to a different office too.

Anyways, on my second day at work, I got a phone call from my Mom who was distressed. She said 'Anna, Dad is in the hospital and he is being transferred to St John of God.' I was shocked. What made it worse was that Mom had no idea what was wrong with Dad, and that all she knew was that he had come home from school feeling light headed, unwell and with a clammy sweat. After getting off the phone with Mom, I ended up calling Joondalup hospital (as I assumed that is where he was taken) to find out when he was going to be transferred to St John of God. When I finally spoke to someone, she said he was being transferred soon. I then asked what happened to him. She said 'Oh, I can't tell you over the phone...' My mouth went dry.

Part of me had a suspicion that it was a heart thing, as Dad had a heart attack and a triple bypass in 1992. But regardless of my suspicions, the fact that I had no idea what was happening, what Dad had etc I started to tear up with worry. Work was, and has been super supportive and have let me visit him. He ended up being diagnosed as having a heart attack, and he underwent an Angiogram where they ultimately performed an angioplasty to insert a stint to hold open the blocked vein. It all went very well, and Dad is finally home resting.
What saw when I came to visit day one afternoon. I found it amusing because  it was as if Dad finally got loose =)

Drew and Katie's wedding
On the Saturday of the same week, Drew and Katie got hitched! It was another great wedding, and it made me remember our time in Singapore together. Can you remember that trip? It was the only trip that we took as a group. It was such a fun trip! Our first group trip actually! I think it was also the time when I started to get to know you a lot better.

The groom and his groomsmen waiting

Getting married



Drew and Katie looked wonderful! They also looked so happy! Was a happy day! =) The wedding was held at the Scotch College chapel, and the reception at the Swan Brewery. Congratulations Drew and Katie!

My new ukulele
In the meantime, while balancing work, hospital visits (stress and worry about Dad) and wedding, I was able to purchase a ukulele. I had been researching about what one to get, and in my head, I was going to get either a Kala or a Lanikai soprano sized uke, as they were the recommended instrument for beginners. However, I ended up walking out with a Cordoba concert size.

My decision was based on how the salesman played the uke and how it sounded. The Cordoba sounded so full and rich and it came at a very affordable price ($159). I really wanted a soprano size though (the smallest and the traditional size) but the only soprano size that they had in that brand was $500 something dollars! It sounded so sweet, extremely cute; however, I could not bring myself to purchase such an expensive instrument give that I haven't even tried playing it.

I ended up purchasing it on one of the days that I was visiting Dad at the hospital. When I arrived, Dad had just come out of his Angiogram and Angioplasty procedure and was sleepy. So I took out the uke and started playing some chords quietly. Dad was sweet and with his soft and sleepy voice said "Oh, that sounds nice."  It made me feel a little teary, that even after being exhausted from the heart attack and the procedures, he still had the energy to encourage me.

So this week whenever I have had a free moment at home, I have been learning how to play chords and learning how to strum. I am going slowly, but it makes me happy. It's so cute and happy sounding! I hope that one day I will be good enough to take it out and jam with others (Mr D, Clem and Shaz have all mentioned about having a jam session!) But until then, I will keep on practicing!

Me and Ookiedoba
I've named my uke 'Ookiedoba' a blend between ukulele and Cordoba =D

If I get good enough, I definitely think I'll purchase a soprano size, as that was the original appeal for me- to have a tiny, cute instrument that makes cute music. Though, I still love Ookiedoba!

So that is all that has happened on my side of the world.

Tell me more about your new place!!! =D

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