Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pretty things in life

Hi Anna

Love the flowers!! Ahh well this blog is all about pretty things in my life right now.

We have been very fortunate that the weather is warming up and continuous days of sunshine. On Friday I decided to take the day off for a day trip to Brighton. Brighton is the best it gets when it comes to the beach. It was a one hour train ride away and it was a day well spent.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of how the seaside is like here. No soft sand, warm waters or greenery to be seen or even the chance of getting sun burnt. I was happy to just lie on the rocks and bathe in the sunshine. I actually liked the idea of the rocks  because it was very clean and you don't have the problem of getting sand everywhere.

Postcard perfect from the pier!
I thought it was a little creepy to have an amusement park on the pier
Last night Lauren came over and I made bruschetta and we had pita bread and hummus too. Since coming back from Jordan. I have developed a mad craving for pita bread dipped in hummus.  We drank through almost two bottles of wine and with no hangover this morning, I woke up eager to go to Homebase (equivalent of Bunnings) to get some indoor plants for my room.

I LOVE carnivorous plants and I really wanted a Venus fly trap but they looked on the dead side.

Instead these are the pretty plants I bought and are now proudly displayed in my room.
Reminds me of Phyllis! By chance I could find one with a fuschia pot so it matches the rest of my room.
Saintpaullia- interesting foliage, the leaves are furry and velvety.
Mini suculent babies. They are in the cutest 10cm pots and including the plant, they are smaller than my hands.
I walked from my place to Homebase and some parts of the journey there was not very er.. scenic. Think rubbish littering and spare car parts at the front of houses along the way.

On the way back I took the bus and I had to stand and carry my plants in a box. It was a packed bus and I had plenty of people staring at me while I was balancing the box with foliage half shielding my face. I was the only non African/Carribean person on the crowded bus and I really felt like I was transported to another place during the 15 minute ride.

When I got home, I was so excited about my plants that I rambled endlessly to one of my housemates who was in the kitchen cooking away.

After lunch I decided to go to Oxford St and I really need to get a bit more exercise into me and really, what better way than to walk it off by shopping?

Apart from all things floral and Cath Kidston. I am also obsessed with candles now. I bought these two Lily Flame candles. Currently I have the mango one burning away, filling the room with a juicy and delectable mango scent. Hmm mmm!
Candles in a tin
I also bought a new dress from Dorothy Perkins for work.  It's probably not very practical for moving about in the classroom, but I really like the look of it and it has pockets!

And these blush patent ballet flats that would be neutral enough to be paired with most of my outfits.

Well that is certainly a lot of photos for you to enjoy :) I look forward to hearing about your Sunday!!!

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