Thursday, March 1, 2012

Morning run and walk

Hi Chia!

Ah! I love your photos! The one of you jumping up in the air looks like the ultimate 'freedom!' pic! I know for sure you are the first person I've seen planking in the dead sea! =P

The dead sea looks so calm! So how hard was it to float in the water? Or did you just lay down and you floated? Was the water like thick or something? Or was it like normal sea water? Would you be able to swim laps in it? Or is it too bitter?

And what was the black thing that you covered yourself in? Where did you get it?

It looked like such a great mini holiday!

I am currently having my own mini holiday. I am in between jobs and on my 'gardening leave' before I start at my new firm. As a result, I have been just relaxing at home, listening to Taylor Swift, napping every afternoon this week so far, and enjoying my runs in the morning, instead of feeling pressured to be home before a certain time in order to get to work.

Today was especially exciting. I ran 5km and during my run I just couldn't stop looking at the ocean and the shoreline. There was an easterly wind (a breeze coming off the land), so there were no waves and the tide was low. As a result the rocks on the shoreline were exposed and I took a mini detour from my run to explore. It was beautiful!

Eventually I was greeted by the warm rays of the sun who was slowly rising between the houses.

When I returned home, I decided to take Coco out for a walk and to explore the shoreline. I thought it was pretty exciting, so I thought Coco would like it too.

Coco and I

Coco is getting better to walk with these days. He is beginning to behave when other people and dogs approach. Before he would just run after them or bark non stop, making it quite stressful to walk with.

When I took him down to the shore he was curious and nervous. I had to carry him down the stairs because the incline was too steep for his little legs. But once on the rocks he was sniffing around and looking in the little rocks; never forgetting to stay behind me because he is afraid of the waves.

Coco happily exploring

Coco and I found a crab hiding in the rocks, as well as a wild rabbit on the way back home. He was especially excited about the rabbit, tugging on the lead and barking. When I realised what he had found, I followed him and he was so happy, bouncing towards the wired fence separating the path and the bushes. Coco eagerly jumped through a hole in the fence to pursue the rabbit, however, because I was unable to follow him (the hole was too small, and it was leading to thick bushes) I pulled him back, and he climbed back onto my side of the fence. I felt bad that he couldn't go after the rabbit, but I didn't want him or me to step on a snake or any other animal that lives in the bushes.

The little crab we found
When we arrived back home, Coco drank so much water, and I ended up napping for about 3 hours! I think the mileage was longer than usual for me (10km all up). When I woke up, I saw Coco K.O'ed in front of the door. I think we both had a big morning.

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