Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photos over the Easter break

Hi Anna

Easter school break will be over this Monday. That means back to supply work and you know how much I dislike it at times.

I haven't blogged in ages and plenty has happened since then. I can't even remember where to start! The fact that I put up some photos on FB and Instagram probably give you an idea of what I've been doing.

I like lists.. so I'm going to give you an extensive list of things I've been doing!


Been cooking/ baking for people and also cooked for!

Forget the name of this dish but it was cooked by Jmi (on the left) to celebrate Lauren moving into her new room.  Enzo in the middle is one of Lauren's housemate and is the most enthusiastic person I've ever met.

Been invited to a dinner party organised by Bonnie and her rollerblading group. Spot my savoury capsicum muffins!

Bladed until my left foot has a blister and it still hasn't healed after 2 weeks :/ This was taken today when we were texting. Hyde Park is becoming my second home now.

Had my first skateboarding lesson with a 21 year old a while back. Remember the guy who sold me my blades?  He thought I was around his age but hey anything to cross off something from my bucket list! I thought I was quite good and didn't fall with my purple ballet flats, not the ideal skating shoes.

Rearranged and redecorated my room too many times but finally got some photos developed. Theme is photos of friends and places I've been with them. One pic is not, but I love that photo! He he!

Gone shopping a bit too much. Really retail therapy helps for about a day or two.. but that is better than nothing!

Bought a new wallet from Michael Kors to replace my old one that I love so much but has gotten to the point of looking a bit scrappy to use. I was debating over this but the customer service was terrible, and it was a little bit big and steep :( Regardless, I love the shape and delicate size of it. Plus the colours on the inside and the coin purse can be removed from the back. BUT I'm going to keep dreaming about the Prada one!

Ignore the strange alignment of all my pictures.. I can't quite get blogger to line them up and it's driving me mad!

Also a gorgeous floral rug from because they had a sale. Definitely working the garden look.

Bought more plants including my beloved Venus fly trap. So far none of them have caught any bugs themselves and I thought I could, but I struggled to bring myself to kill this little flying insect I spotted in my room. Sorry traps, you're on your own.

Been garnishing all my meals with basil or coriander picked straight from the window sill. My mini herb garden in the kitchen.

Enjoyed the gorgeous scent in my room thanks to the pair of pink hyacinths that Pene bought for me! I am a big fan of these!!!!

Tried interesting things from the local international supermarket. It's called Way2save, and when I first heard of it I thought no way was I going to buy anything from there, but seriously they have products from Hungary to India! I've been getting my pita bread and hummus for breakky from there!

Anchovies are fine.

Pate in little tins are attractive but not buying them ever again!I couldn't even read the labels but I spent a good 20 minutes pretending I could and deciding which type I wanted judging from how pretty the packaging was.

Will be buying these jackfruit in a tin again. Never have I tried them from a tin and was very eager to dig in I opened it upside down :/

Laughed out loud and thought of you and Mr D when I saw this. Did you know you can buy a DIY ukelele that comes in a box everything included and if you're really clever- it comes out looking like this:

Had another laugh when I received your card made from elephant poo! Sorry but there is definitely something lingering there! Before I read what you wrote, I caught a whiff of something lol! Will try and get a pic of me wearing the earrings. It's been ages since I've worn dangling ones so this will be a fun challenge :) Your gifts brought back happy memories of Cambodia :)

Lastly, been staying up way past my bed time of 10pm and catching up on episodes of Desperate Housewives, New Girl (if you haven't seen this, DOWNLOAD!! I want to be Jess and live with three hot guys!!!) and Homeland.

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